EXPOSED: Biden-Appointed Prosecutor Lets CORRUPT Judge Go Scott-Free

In Biden’s America, a loyal person to the President can get away with any offence from arson to murder, which is a proven fact. The only people considered criminals in Biden’s America are those who dare to oppose the President or hold other political views. 

Opposing America’s current President can make you a target for the IRS, FBI, and every media in the nation. You would get called different names like a terrorist, a threat to the government, and even a domestic extremist who should be eliminated at all costs. If you want to be a survivor in Biden’s America, the only thing you can do is to be an extremely loyal subject who agrees with everything said by Biden like a dog. That way, you will be free to do whatever you like without consequences.

In Biden’s America, it has been found that charges found against a liberal judged several years ago have been dropped, courtesy of a prosecutor who dear Joe appointed. When you are the President, you have the power to make anything go away, and that is precisely what Biden and his lapdogs are doing, as these charges are nonexistent.

District Judge Shelley Joseph, who should be a person upholding the law and punishing people who failed to do so, was allegedly doing the exact opposite. Joseph allegedly helped an immigrant who had been deported on two different occasions to escape being tried by the law for drug offences. 

Reports have it that Joeseph conspired with the repeat offender, using the backdoor of her courtroom to help the offender escape without being spotted by the Customs enforcement officer waiting outside the Court. 

It is not strange that a progressive Judge is caught making deals with criminals and smuggling suspects brought for trial out of her courtroom. The immigrant, Jose Medina Perez, was wanted in Pennsylvania for drunk driving. A warrant was also out for his arrest before appearing in Joseph’s courtroom for drug charges.

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Joseph and her chief court officer, Wesley MacGregor, who accompanied Perez, were indicted on charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice in 2018 during the Trump administration. In a recent development, it was found that those charges will be dropped under the Biden administration. A judge who breaks the law should be getting the worst punishment, yet, she goes scot-free under the Biden administration.

The Boston Herald reported, “Joseph, who had been suspended with pay after she was indicted, will be returning to the bench soon now that fellow woke Rhode Island U.S Attorney Zachary Cunha recommended that federal charges against her be dropped.”

The outlet added, “Cunha recommended that in place of criminal charges the matter be turned over to the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct for administrative action.”

Joseph once argued in a district court that she should not be facing prosecution because she has “absolute judicial immunity’ which protected her. Indeed, Joseph will be evading prosecution, not because of a silly inexistent judicial immunity, but apparently because of political immunity.

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