EXPOSED: Here’s How Many MILLIONS Democrats Spent On Bailing Out Monsters

The dark money giant, Tides Center donated almost $6 millions dollars to bailouts and bail funds of accused criminals alone in 2020. The money went to releasing hundreds of people who are accused of some of the worst crimes you can be arrested for, including but not limited to raping children, hiding bodies, murder, and more.

But that’s okay, because Democrats did it to help the underprivileged and minorities. You always get a pass if you claim you are helping minorities, even if it’s that you’re helping them get away with heinous crimes. Well, that and if you have a (D) around your name, are helping to get a (D) elected, or are related to someone who can’t vote but will vote for (D).

The Daily Caller discovered some horrid news about the types of people that were bailed out with these “dark monies”.

“Among the bail funds that received funding from the Tides Center in 2020 include the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which helped post bail for a man accused of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl in July 2020, and the Massachusetts Bail Fund, which helped post bail for a woman accused of stuffing her newborn baby in a garbage can outside a Boston pizza shop in February 2021.

“The Minnesota Freedom Fund helped post bail for multiple individuals accused of committing violent crimes after donations started pouring in following Floyd’s killing, the Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported. The bail fund helped bail out a man accused of assaulting an elderly woman as he burglarized her home, court records show, as well as an additional six men accused of domestic violence between June and August 2020.

“And in August 2021, a Minneapolis man allegedly shot and killed a driver during a road rage incident just weeks after the Minnesota Freedom Fund helped release him from jail on an unrelated domestic assault case.”

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After the above incident, Minnesota Freedom Fund responded with the tweet below.

“We are aware of reports of the tragic and fatal shooting in Minneapolis earlier this week allegedly involving George Howard, an individual the Minnesota Freedom Fund had previously provided with bail support.”

“MFF believes that every individual who has been arrested by the law enforcement is innocent until proven guilty, and if a judge deems them eligible for bail, they should not have to wait in jail simply because they don’t have the same income or access to resources as others.”

The tweet was of course deleted but can be found on their archive here.

You might be asking yourself what Dark Money is and that’s a fair question. Most of us who aren’t engaged in politics on a daily basis beyond doing our civic duty and voting, wouldn’t know.

According to Investopedia: Dark money refers to contributions to political groups that are received from donors whose identities are not disclosed and that are used to influence elections. Dark money can have significant influence on elections, particularly when used by “independent expenditure” groups—generally characterized as Super PACs—that are legally permitted to receive and spend an unlimited amount of contributions.

Below is a tweet of then Vice-Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris asking people to donate to help bail out the hundreds of rioters and looters back in June of 2020. By the way, the link still works, and she’s still supporting donations for the bail funds.

Back in September, when the aforementioned murder happened, a lot of people jumped on this, but enough to make some kind of reform. As the man below states, cash bail is important in protecting the community from violent repeat offenders.

One might wonder if bail is really an issue that needs so much attention? Are Democrats truly excited or cheering on when criminals are freed? I don’t know. Did the mainstream media try to blame a car for killing six and injuring upwards of sixty people in Waukesha?

Below, we come back to the question of bail. Yes, it’s that important and yes, DAs and judges should be charged with crimes when those they allowed out on bail commit more crimes.


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