EXPOSED: Now We Know What Was On Notes Joe Biden Kept Looking At During His First Press Conference

President Joe Biden gave his first press briefing in over two months in office on Thursday. At his briefing, he kept looking at his notes over and over again.

Now, we have a first inside look at what was on those notes he had in his hands.


Can you see what is on there? Here is a closer look:

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You can see numbers next to journalists’ faces and names, suggesting that the president was taking prepared questions in order. No wonder zero conservative media reporters were called on during the press conference.

It turned out that Biden was calling on reporters based on a prepared list, just like many had thought.

Watch Biden keep referring to his list and his notes as he takes his first question:

Biden, after taking a question from Zeke Miller of the Associated Press, fumbles around with his notes and takes peeks at it throughout his answer.

“Well, I’m — look,” Biden said and paused, then began looking through a booklet of scripted answers. “When, uh, when I took office I, uh, decided that it was a fairly basic, simple proposition. And that is, I got elected to solve problems.”

“And the most urgent problems facing the American people I stated from the outset,” he contiued, “was COVID-19 and the economic dislocation for millions and millions of Americans.”

“And so that’s why I put all my focus in the beginning, for a lot of problems, put all of my focus on dealing with those particular problems,” Biden said while again referring to his notes.

Reporters and pundits couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Even Chris Wallace called him out for referring to his notes during the press conference, saying he had “never seen any POTUS do that.”

Despite having 64 days to prepare for the event, Biden can’t even answer a question authoritatively without notes.

What a difference from President Trump, who could talk for hours unscripted without notes or a teleprompter.

Tonight, former President Trump will react to Biden’s press conference in an interview with Laura Ingraham. I am sure he will have plenty to say about Biden’s “performance.”

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