Facebook Oversight Committee GLOATS After Upholding Trump Ban

The co-chair of the Facebook Oversight Board sounded very much like every other leftist social media oligarch when he blamed former President Donald Trump for Facebook banning him the day after the Capitol riot Jan. 6.

In an interview with media establishmentarian Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Michael McConnell repeated the tired lie that Trump’s rhetoric — on that day and before that day — somehow incited hundreds of his supporters to attack the Capitol building.

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“On January 6, President Trump issued those statements as a mob was rampaging through the Capitol, as members of Congress cowering in fear, as the rioters were threatening Vice President Pence’s life and at that time he issued he issued these statements which were just egging on — with perfunctory asking for peace but mostly he was egging them on to continue,” McConnell claimed.

“This is a plain violation of Facebook’s rules against praising dangerous individuals and organizations at a time of violence. So Mr. Trump is subject to the same rules as everyone else,” he said.

“Private companies are not bound by the First Amendment. So he has First Amendment rights. He’s a customer. Facebook is not a government, and he is not a citizen of Facebook,” McConnell continued, forgetting that the Constitution’s amendments are absolute, meaning Facebook, “as a private company,” couldn’t reinitiate the slave trade or blanketly violate its users’ privacy by publishing their details.

Wallace countered, “The argument is that Facebook and Twitter and other platforms have become so big that they can in effect silence people in the digital age, and the argument is, yes, President Trump is able to speak, but it’s not a matter of freedom of speech, it’s a freedom of reach. How do you respond to that?”

“Remember Mr. Trump is the one who issued those inflammatory posts at the very time when rioters were invading Congress and shutting down the constitutionally prescribed process for counting electoral votes,” McConnell said. “He issued those posts. He is responsible for doing that. He bears responsibility for his own situation. He put himself in this bed, and he can sleep in it.”

Except that Trump has not been subjected to ‘the same rules’ as everyone else, and McConnell would go on to admit that.

“They were not justified in taking him down indefinitely, they did not provide any reasons for that,” McConnell went on to say. “That was wrong…their rules are a shambles. They are not transparent. They are unclear. They are internally inconsistent.”

(Credit: Fox News)

So — which is it? Facebook was justified because ‘it was all Trump’s fault’ or it wasn’t because the platform’s rules are jacked up and unevenly enforced?

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The fact is, Trump:

1) Never told his supporters to riot and assault the Capitol Building

2) Correctly suggested that there was something ‘amiss’ during the 2020 election cycle (as documented by Time magazine and as noted over the weekend by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich)

3) Has never been treated fairly by the tech oligarchs and never will be because he is an America First guy and they are America Maybe or America Last people.

Trump has flirted, reportedly, with the notion of creating his own platform. He might as well; he’ll never get a fair shake on the existing platforms because tyrants run them.