FACT CHECK: Biden Falsely Said That Trump Has Not Lowered Drug Prices

Throughout the presidential debate on Tuesday evening, former Vice President Joe Biden said many false and misleading statements that the left-wing fact-checkers are failing to call him out on.

Unlike the bias "fact-checkers," we here at Trending Politics are dedicated to reporting on the facts and truth.


At one point during the debate, Biden claimed that President Trump had not lowered the drug prices for anyone.

This is completely false.

In fact, during President Trump's time in office, drug prices have fallen for the first time in nearly 50 years.

Check out what MarketWatch reported last year:

Here’s a shocker: The cost of prescription drugs are falling for the first time in 47 years.

The government on Tuesday said prescription prices sank 1% in February, marking the biggest one-month decline ever.

What’s more, the cost of prescription drugs over the past year have dropped by 1.2%. That’s the biggest 12-month decline since 1972.

What’s going on?

Drugmakers are feeling the heat, for one thing. Amid a public outcry, lawmakers in both parties from President Trump on down have been pushing drug makers to rein in prices or face potentially stiffer rules. Congress has already held a half-dozen hearings this year and grilled drug industry executives in public.

Episodes of pubic browbeating can only go so far, though. Government regulators are seeking to do their part by speeding up the approval of generic drugs to increase competition. A slew of new one ones are hitting the market in 2019.

Breitbart reports: "Trump has also made experimental medicines and therapies more easily available through new laws championed by his administration, such as Right to Try. And his effort to cut red tape at the Food and Drug Administration during the coronavirus pandemic could have long-term effects in lowering drug prices."

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