FACT CHECK: TRUE: Biden Says “Everyone Knows I Love Kids Better Than People”

IOWA, AMERICA - MAY 01, 2020: Vice President Joe Biden attends the McKinley Elementary School gymnasium in Des Moines, discussing issues including the recent escalation with Iran.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden joined CNN for a town hall event to speak about his plans as president of the United States.

At one point during the event, the former Vice President said that he loves “kids better than people.” This comment seemed to be an honest answer from Biden considering he has a creepy history of his behavior with young children including touching, sniffing, and grabbing their hair.

“Everybody knows I like kids better than people,” Biden said.

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WATCH the clip below:

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Although Biden loves alive children, he doesn’t seem to care about the unborn children. Check out what The Daily Wire reported in relation to Biden’s abortion policy:

“We know where President Biden stands on Hyde Amendment,” [EWTN reporter Owen] Jensen said. “But that being said, can this administration right now guarantee if the American rescue plan is passed that no taxpayer dollars will go to the abortion industry?” …

“Well, the president’s view on the Hyde Amendment is well known as you have stated in your question,” Psaki responded. “He also believes that community health centers are a key part of addressing the pandemic of ensuring that people and communities have access to vaccines, have access to treatment and information about making sure they’re healthy and their loved ones are healthy. So that remains a priority to the president. He’s shared his view on the Hyde Amendment. I don’t think I have anything for you.”

“If I can follow up on that, can you guarantee Americans who don’t want their tax dollars, pro-life Americans who don’t want their tax dollars funding abortion, can the administration guarantee those taxpayer dollars won’t go to the abortion industry?” Jensen pressed.

“Well, I think, Owen, as I’ve just noted, three quarters of the public supports the components of the package, wants to see the pandemic get under control, wants to see people put back to work, vaccines in arms,” she responded. “So I think that answers your question. Okay, we’re gonna move on.”

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Another awkward moment during the town hall event came when Biden told the audience that he asks his wife Jill Biden every morning, “Where the hell are we?”

“You’ve already spent a great deal of time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Except now you’re living there and you’re president. It’s been four weeks. What’s it like? How is it different?” Anderson Cooper asked.

Biden replied, “I wake up every morning, look at Jill, and say ‘where the hell are we?’”

WATCH the clip below:

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