Fact Checkers Rush To Biden’s Defense After He Forgets The Name Of His Defense Secretary

No matter how badly that Joe Biden screws up, he can always rely on the media and the “truth police” to have his back.

The 78-year-old career politician’s verbal stumbles are worsening now that he has been installed into the White House, a major reason why his handlers continue to refuse to allow him to a hold real press conference.

This week, Biden had another doozy of a day when he forgot the name of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a blunder notable because he is the first black person to have ever held that position, a feat that the 46th president had himself repeatedly touted.

Watch below:

Not only did he forget the name of the former Raytheon board member, but also the name of the Pentagon which Biden referred to as “that outfit over there,” one that he should be familiar with after ordering airstrikes on Syria.

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“I just want to thank you both and a wanna than the sec.. the, the uh, former general, I keep calling him general.. my, my… uhhh … the guy who runs that outfit over there.. uhhh, I want to make sure we thank … the secretary, for all he’s done to try and implement what we just talked about, and for recommending these two women for promotion,” mumbled the leader of the free world.

It didn’t take long before the so-called “fact checkers” flew into action to do what they do best, cleaning up after Democrats and gaslighting the American public.

Leading the way was the always trusty Snopes, which ruled that while Biden may have forgotten Austin’s name, he gets a pass for remembering it earlier in the speech.

According to the intrepid liberal spinners, criticism of Biden was ruled as a “mixture” because:

What’s True: A video shows Biden fumbling his words and apparently blanking on Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s name at one point in the speech, although he had mentioned Austin’s name a few minutes earlier without issue.

What’s Undetermined: It’s unclear whether Biden literally “forgot” his defense secretary’s name at that moment, or whether, for example, he got stuck doing an extended “folksy” ad lib after initially tripping over his words.

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Snopes’ explanation certainly also qualifies as a “mixture” and readers can leave it up to their own imagination as to what.

As for the “fact checkers” as a whole, it just wasn’t enough that the entire national press was already in the bag for the Democrats, these organizations conveniently began popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain around the time that former President Donald J. Trump was elected.

Not entities that would be normally be seen in a free society with a functional media, the “fact checkers” have more in common with foreign countries where authoritarian regimes maintain a tight-fisted control over information but this is where we are at now.

One thing is for sure is that these strange entities who are the gatekeepers for an Orwellian ministry of truth will be putting in a ton of overtime until Kamala takes over.

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