FAKE NEWS: CNN Pays Airports To Broadcast Anti-Trump Propaganda

America’s fake news network CNN may be dropping in the ratings like the proverbial ton of bricks but they will always be able to count on a reliable audience of victims in the nation’s airports to keep watching. 

Because they have no choice. 

In a brutal expose, Fox News host Tucker Carlson outed the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” for paying airports to air their dishonest, conspiracy saturated, anti-Trump propaganda to a captive audience of stranded travelers. 

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According to Carlson’s research, CNN is forking over nearly $6 million to airports willing to take the money to air the network’s fake news at gates – a new low for an industry that has never been known for its compassion to the nations’ air-travelers. 

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According to Tucker:

As we first reported exclusively on this program because it was news you can use, CNN is paying millions of dollars to pump propaganda into America’s airports holding its hapless travelers hostage. 

CNN has contracts with 58 airports across this country. It pays them more than $100,000 each on average to play CNN at their gates. 

It’s not something they would do willingly – who would – nobody watches it. It’s garbage. 

This service is likely costing CNN at least $6 million per year but they do it anyway because what’s the value of propaganda?

Carlson then went to author and columnist Mark Steyn who added:

“They pay over six millions dollars to bother people, to hector people in airports”

“You know for six millions dollars they could actually afford to buy Murder She Wrote reruns…and they might actually have a sporting chance at some ratings.”

“I was at LAX yesterday while the anchors were talking about what a sad, somber, solemn, sorrowful day it is, and people did look sad, somber, sorrowful, and solemn – but that was because they had been stuck at gate 59 watching Wolf Blitzer for four hours.”


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It is beyond any reasonable dispute that the corpse of the American news media has rotted and begun to fester and there is no better example than the once-venerable CNN and its all-star lineup of tinfoil hatters, race-baiters, Russophobes, whiners, liars and former Obama intelligence figures of what that is the case. 

Flying is already an often excruciating experience – especially at this time of year – but CNN’s payola to airports has now put it right up there with such other delightful life experiences as root canals and colonoscopies. 

Once again, Tucker delivers the goods. 

Shame on CNN but most of all, shame on whoever makes the decisions at these airports.

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