FAKE NEWS: CNN Says Operation Warp Speed ‘Happened Under Biden’

After Joe Biden’s poorly-received speech on Wednesday evening, CNN spread fake news by saying that Operation Warp Speed “happened under Biden”.

Not only did the vaccine development happen under President Trump, but millions of people were getting vaccinated while Trump was still in office. Biden simply inherited Trump’s plan.

In fact, Biden got vaccinated in December…under President Trump…thanks to Operation Warp Speed.

Sadly, CNN is deliberately misleading their viewers into thinking that the operation was a brainchild of sleepy Joe.

Of course everybody understands that Operation Warp Speed happened under Joe Biden,” said the far-left CNN commentator.

Watch below:

Will CNN be hit with a “fact check”? Of course not, because they are not held accountable for their own facts.

What is your reaction to CNN spreading more fake news about Operation Warp Speed? Comment below…