FALLOUT: Study Shows Domestic Violence Spiked Big Time in NYC During COVID Shutdown

For nearly two months, the Trump administration and a growing number of mental health experts have been pushing for a full reopening of cities and states even amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic because they knew that keeping Americans locked down would wreak more havoc than COVID-19.

Naturally, Democrats refuted this science because the only ‘science’ they follow is the science that supports continued lockdowns; after all, killing off as many cities and as much of the economy as possible gives the party the best chance to knock off President Donald Trump in November.


But a new study from more experts corroborates the long-held concerns of the president and other mental health experts who have been worried that prolonged lockdowns would lead to violence and even death in the home.

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The New York Post reports:

At the height of New York’s coronavirus lockdown, domestic violence in the five boroughs skyrocketed, data show.

When the pandemic first laid siege, experts predicted that mandatory lockdowns and soaring unemployment would cause a rise in household abuse, and figures now bear them out — with domestic-violence reports at some agencies doubling and even tripling in the past few months.

“We’ve never been busier,’’ said Nechama Bakst, senior director of the Met Council’s family-violence program, in an interview with the Post

“We have seen people who never experienced violence starting to experience violence, and people who have experienced violence experience worse violence.’’

“We see more choking, more sexual violence, kind of much more intense and serious acts of crime,’’ the director said.

In fact, antidepressant meds like Zoloft are flying out of pharmacies so fast the Food and Drug Administration is adding them to the agency’s drug shortage list.

In early June, Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefit management group, reported that “anti-anxiety prescriptions here have skyrocketed over 34 percent since the pandemic arrived in the United States. Antidepressants were up nearly 19 percent, while anti-insomnia drugs jumped almost 15 percent,” Just The News reported.

The jump reversed five years’ worth of declines in the number of prescriptions for anti-anxiety meds.

In New York City specifically, the Met Council said it normally receives about 70 cases per month. However, beginning in April – as coronavirus shutdowns were beginning along with mass layoffs over closures of ‘non-essential’ businesses – cases soared to 135, 145, and 146 in April, May, and June, respectively.

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Another organization that deals with domestic violence, Sanctuary for Families, received 206 calls for assistance in May as compared to 102 for the same month a year earlier.

“Domestic violence is fundamentally about power and control,” said Dorchen Leidholdt, director of SFF’s Legal Center, in an interview with the Post. “The coronavirus pandemic gave abusers a powerful tool of control because their victims were in much closer proximity to them, 24/7 in many cases, and had less access to sources of support and assistance.”

If that’s true, then that explains why Democrat mayors and governors are still extending lockdowns – power and control.