Famous Doctor Trashes Trump Over ‘Politicizing Masks’, Then Parties On A Boat Without A Mask

Instagram-famous Mikhail Varshavski finds himself in hot water after ignoring his own advice by partying mask-less on a boat in Miami.

In fact, Varshavski trashed President Trump in a viral video in July for ‘politicizing’ masks. He then urged his followers to always wear masks for their “safety”.

Apparently Varshavski forgot his own advice.

Here’s more from the Daily Mail:

Varshavski — who has found Internet fame as Dr. Mike — has been in the vanguard of stressing the importance of wearing a mask to stop the spread of Covid-19.

But he appeared to break all his own rules when it came to his 31st birthday party, for which he flew from New York to Miami on November 12 to celebrate.

A picture of Varshavski on a boat in Sunset Harbor surrounded by 14 other people — most of them bikini-clad women — has since done the rounds with his fans calling him out for hypocrisy.

Here’s the picture of “Dr. Mike” partying in a non-socially distant manner. As you can see, nobody is wearing masks either:

The Daily Mail also dug up tons of Reddit comments which trashed Dr. Mike for being hypocritical:

‘I know it’s your life and you can do what you want, but you have chosen to be a public figure. And because of that, and your profession, you are held to a higher standard,’ one follower, calling themselves Irisheyez wrote on Reddit.

You are supposed to be the example. I admired and respected you. Now that is all lost.’

Destiny added: ‘This year was awful and Dr. Mike was a safe place for me. I was actually glad I discovered him before the pandemic, because without him, I would’ve probably lost my mind with crazy conspiracies.

‘I never cared about my health, I never trusted doctors before him, now I don’t know what to believe or do anymore. I was able to bring my family back to reality only with the information and arguments he has provided in his videos.’

And a third, Anko_Dango wrote: ‘When you become a very large and growing medical influencer, one that a lot of people rely on for medical information in regards to the pandemic, it’s not a good look.

‘Ultimately it’s his life and he’s free to do whatever the hell he wants, but he has to deal with the consequences, and if that means his fans turning on him, so be it.

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Isn’t it interesting how the worlds biggest Trump haters also turn out to be the biggest hypocrites?