Fauci: Children Need To Wear Masks When Playing Together

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci has once again moved the goalposts after over a year of misery inflicted by the political response to COVID, casting further doubt on whether America can ever expect to return to normal.

The nation’s foremost celebrity doctor once again showed up on Sunday morning television, where he has been a fixture to dispense his weekly gloom and doom, that will continue to shape the national narrative.

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During a conversation with Margaret Brennan on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Fauci once again bemoaned the idea that many states have lifted restrictions and rescinded mask mandates. “Several states have done that. I believe it’s premature,” said Joe Biden’s top medical adviser.

Fauci also threw cold water on the idea that the more widespread distribution of the vaccines may be the light at the end of the tunnel. This news comes as a blow to America’s children who have suffered greatly by having their schools closed to in-person learning, the cancelation of sports & other activities, and the lasting psychological trauma from a hellish year.

The host posed the following question to Dr. Fauci; “So if parents are vaccinated, they still do need to be concerned about their unvaccinated children playing together in groups. Is that right?”

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Fauci responded; “Yeah, the children can clearly wind up getting infected. When we talk about what you can do when you’re vaccinated, you can certainly have members of a family if the adults are vaccinated and you’re in the home with your child, you don’t need to wear a mask and you can have physical contact. When the children go out into the community, you want them to continue to wear masks when they’re interacting with groups from multiple households.”

Brennan also asked about the possibility that kids may be allowed to participate in summer camps; “For parents who are trying to plan their summers, what does that mean? Can they send their kids to summer camp? Can they allow them to play again on playgrounds?”

To which Fauci replied; “If we get into the summer and you have a considerable percentage of the- of the population vaccinated and the level in the community gets below that plateau that’s worrying me and my colleagues in public health, it is conceivable that you would have a good degree of flexibility during the summer, even with the children, with things like camps. We don’t know that for sure, but I think that’s an aspirational goal that we should go for.”

But of course, the kids would have to be masked because now that the face-coverings have become a potent political symbol for Democrats, they are likely never going away; at least if Dr. Fauci has anything to say about it.

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Going against character, Fauci had at least one bit of good news to deliver in that “more and more” people will be allowed to attend Major League Baseball games in person.

A longtime baseball fan, Fauci was allowed to attend the opener for last year’s delayed season. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the then-defending World Series champion Washington Nationals, but was busted not wearing a mask nor social distancing in the stands during the game.

With Democrat politicians, it’s always “do as I say, not as I do”, and Fauci is no different.