Fauci Debunks CNN Report Saying Biden Admin “Started From Scratch” With Vaccine Distribution

The country’s lead immunologist sure has an odd way of picking when he wants to be transparent and honest with Americans.

On one hand, he told CNN Thursday that the Trump administration was “very likely” responsible for more COVID-19 deaths because of dishonesty.

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But on the other hand, he refused to take the bait from another CNN reporter who tried to get the long-serving health functionary to claim President “Operation Warp Speed Produced Two New Vaccines in Record Time” Trump didn’t have any infrastructure in place to distribute them.

Which is false, of course.

“We certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution,” Fauci said Thursday, pushing back.

“But if you look at the plan that the president (Joe Biden) has put forth about the things that he’s going to do — namely, get community vaccine centers up, get pharmacies more involved, where appropriate get the Defense Production Act involved not only, perhaps, with getting more vaccine, but even the things you need to get a good vaccine program.”

First of all, let’s recall that, as with everything, states take the lead in such instances, not the federal government. States are autonomous in that they each have their own governments, their own internal infrastructures, and their own unique situations that local and state leaders are far better suited to identify and activate in times of emergency than some functionary or agency in Washington, D.C.

In fact, way back in September — as the Trump administration knew vaccines were getting closer to reality — required states to submit vaccine distribution plans to the government, even as it submitted it’s “most detailed plan yet” to Congress, as Politico noted:

The strategy, outlined in a report to Congress and a 57-page playbook to states, comes as 6 in 10 adults are worried the FDA will rush to approve a vaccine due to political pressure, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll. And the push to vaccinate Americans comes as health agencies have faced outsized pressure from President Donald Trump and his political appointees.

States must submit plans: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is requiring states and jurisdictions to submit plans on how they’d administer and distribute a vaccine by Oct. 16. They’re facing a host of challenges, such as how to store a vaccine that’s expected to need to be kept in specialized freezers.

Information in the interim guidance to states — such as any vaccine’s efficacy in pregnant people and children — will be updated as it becomes available, CDC Director Robert Redfield told reporters on a call.

Administering the vaccine: Doses may be available as early as November to limited groups, but that supply may increase substantially in 2021. Final decisions on who will be first in line to get the shots will be made later.

Federal officials laid out an optimistic timeline for vaccines to be ready during the fourth quarter of 2020 in a “constrained” phase, when they will be provided to high-priority populations like health care workers. “As supply equals demand and exceeds demand into 2021, our distribution principles will change,” Paul Mango, HHS’ deputy chief of staff for policy, said on the call.

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As it turned out, vaccines were available in the fourth quarter of 2020. And, as Politico notes, states had lead time (more, in fact, because Trump was touting a vaccine by mid-summer; it’s just that Democrats in blue states refused to believe him).

Meanwhile, CNN published this lie: “Biden inheriting nonexistent coronavirus vaccine distribution plan and must start ‘from scratch,’ sources say.”

‘Sources.’ Sure; the same ‘sources’ who lied about Russian collusion, the Ukraine-related impeachment, dozens of other things during Trump’s tenure.

No wonder Americans’ trust in the media is at a dangerous all-time low.

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