Faulty Data Shows Explosion of Vaccine-Related Injuries Among Military Service-Members

As the Pentagon begins processing immediate discharges for those who object to the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ to leave the U.S. military, there is new data to support extraordinary concern for the shots’ safety.

Disturbing new data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database shows a startling increase in numerous medical health conditions year-over-year for all age-cohorts — some of these conditions being chronic and life-threatening.

It was first brought to public light in a February 1, 2022 letter to Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin from the U.S. Senate. Senator Ron Johnson cited the “dramatic increases in medical diagnoses among military personnel,” as well as evidence “diagnoses of myocarditis had been removed from the database.”

Dr. Aaron Kheriarty of the Ethics and Public Policy Center shared a copy of the letter:

Below are summarized 2021 (with vaccines) numbers with percentage changes relative to 2020 (without vaccines), as recently noted by mRNA vaccine expert Dr. Robert Malone.

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  • Total Number of Diseases & Injuries Reported By Year (Ambulatory) up 988% in “uncorrected” data, down 3% in “corrected” data(this is basically a control for the data set).
  • Total Number of Diseases & Injuries Reported By Year (Hospitalization) up 37%
  • Total Number of Diseases of the Nervous System By Year up 968%
  • Total Number of Malignant Neuroendocrine Tumor Reports By Year up 276%
  • Total Number of Acute Myocardial Infarct Reports By Year up 343%
  • Total Number of Acute Myocarditis Reports By Year up 184%
  • Total Number of Acute Pericarditis Reports By Year up 70%
  • Total Number of Pulmonary Embolism Reports By Year up 260%
  • Total Number of Congenital Malformations Reports By Year up 87%
  • Total Number of Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrage Reports By Year up 227%
  • Total Number of Anxiety Reports By Year up 2,361%
  • Total Number of Suicide Reports By Year up 227%
  • Total Number of Neoplasms for All Cancers By Year up 218%
  • Total Number of Malignant Neoplasms for Digestive Organs By Year up 477%
  • Total Number of Neoplasms for Breast Cancer By Year up 469%
  • Total Number of Neoplasms for Testicular Cancer By Year up 298%
  • Total Number of Female Infertility Reports By Year up 419%
  • Total Number of Dysmenorrhea Reports By Year up 221.5%
  • Total Number of Ovarian Dysfunction Reports By Year up 299%
  • Total Number of Spontaneous Abortion Reports By Year DOWN by 10%
  • Total Number of Male Infertility Reports By Year up 320%
  • Total Number of Guillian-Bare Syndrome Reports By Year up 520%
  • Total Number of Acute Transverse Myelitis Reports By Year up 494%
  • Total Number of Seizure Reports By Year up 298%
  • Total Number of Narcolepsy & Cataplexy Reports By Year up 352%
  • Total Number of Rhabdomyolysis By Year up 672%
  • Total Number of Multiple Sclerosis Reports By Year up 614%
  • Total Number of Migraine Reports By Year up 352%
  • Total Number of Blood Disorder Reports By Year up 204%
  • Total Number of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Reports By Year up 2,130%
  • Total Number of Cerebral Infarct Reports By Year up 294%

Instead of responding to Senator Ron Johnson, the DoD contacted discredited, partisan “fact checker” Politifact:

“But Peter Graves, spokesperson for the Defense Health Agency’s Armed Forces Surveillance Division, told PolitiFact by email that “in response to concerns mentioned in news reports” the division reviewed data in the DMED “and found that the data was incorrect for the years 2016-2020.”

Officials compared numbers in the DMED with source data in the DMSS and found that the total number of medical diagnoses from those years “represented only a small fraction of actual medical diagnoses.” The 2021 numbers, however, were up-to-date, giving the “appearance of significant increased occurrence of all medical diagnoses in 2021 because of the underreported data for 2016-2020,” Graves said.

The DMED system has been taken offline to “identify and correct the root-cause of the data corruption,” Graves said.

Thus, similarly to VAERS, when the data do not support authoritarian measures, the data ‘can’t be trusted.’ When they do support government coercion, the data is as infallible as “the science.”

Thomas Renz’s website Renz Law, however, shows that the Department of Defense appears to be fiddling with the data to allay concerns about vaccines and its misguided mandate.

Dr. Robert Malone had some pointed questions about the DOD’s purported explanation for the huge spike in cases”

So, what do the original data show (prior to Defense Health Agency’s Armed Forces Surveillance Division correction of the “data corruption”).

In reviewing these data, what we see are baseline data from 2016 to 2019 (pre SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19), 2020 (the first year of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 when no vaccines were available), and 2021 (the year that vaccines were available and mandated for the US Military).

As noted above, there are many potential confounding variables, but whatever the cause, if these data are not due to longstanding and previously undiscovered “data corruption”, then we have a major issue with the overall health of our armed services.

And if they are due to previously undiscovered “data corruption”, why wasn’t someone running around with their pants on fire trying to figure out what is going on here long before the whistleblowers brought this to national attention?

A U.S. federal district court judge in early February halted the Department of Defense’s rejection of soldiers’ exemption requests on religious objection grounds, and went even further by stating that the objectors’ case is likely to prevail upon appeal.

“Finally, the military is most likely unable to establish, and certainly has not established, that permitting the relatively small number of RFRA objectors, even if every request for exemption (much less the two at issue in this motion) were sincere and successful, to serve without adverse consequences to their standing and the terms and conditions of their service will adversely affect the public’s interest in the maintenance and readiness of the nation’s military forces,” Judge Steven D. Merryday ruled.

“In fact, the public undoubtedly has some considerable interest in maintaining the services of skilled, experienced, highly trained, patriotic, courageous, and esteemed service members, such as the two moving service members, in whom the public has an immense financial investment and who are not, to say the least, readily replaceable,” the judge added.

Every U.S. service-member deserves such respect, particularly as the vaccines have failed to slow the spread of the disease, and according to an initial reading of the Department of Defense’s own data, is leading to an explosion of adverse effects cases.

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