FBI EXPOSED! Here’s Why Matt Gaetz Was Specifically TARGETED With Sexual Assault ALLEGATIONS

Rep. Matt Gaetz opposed Beltway groupthink before March 2021. At the time, the eccentric Florida congressman helped win the PR war against the Russia conspiracy hoax—the conspiracy myth that President Trump stole the 2016 election by collaborating with Russia.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., convened secret sessions, selectively leaked information, and lied about collaboration with the so-called informant during the [Redacted] impeachment trial. The maneuver, which angered the media and partisans, helped Republicans defeat the impeachment charade.

Gaetz upheld election purity, reminded Democrats of their backing for statewide riots the previous summer, and condemned media and political hysteria toward the rioters. He is one of the few Republicans to focus on the condition of the Justice Department’s targets, years after the department mostly disregarded nationwide protests that surrounded the White House, federal courts, police stations, and historical landmarks.

Gaetz flew to Wyoming to rally Republicans after Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo, was praised for joining the Democrats’ second impeachment of President Trump. Cheney’s advocacy for long, poorly managed foreign conflicts did not promote American interests, Gaetz added.

We are in a battle for the soul of the Republican Party, and I expect to win it,” he stated in Cheyenne on Jan. 28, 2021, before she was removed as House Republican party leader. “You can fix a broken system. You can send a delegate who genuinely represents you home, to Washington, D.C.” Harriet Hageman humiliated Cheney two years later.

Gaetz averaged 87 minutes a month on TV in the year before March 2021. He even considered becoming a cable news personality.

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On March 30, 2021, an anonymous report accused him of child sex trafficking.

New York Times writers who earned prizes for pushing the Russia collusion hoax wrote an unsourced article with a crushing piece: “Matt Gaetz Faces Justice Dept. Inquiry Over Sex With an Underage Girl.” Three briefed people were cited but not identified. No evidence of sex offenses against Gaetz, just guilt-by-association. Reporters eventually confessed that no indictments had been filed and that “his criminal exposure is uncertain.”

Gaetz vehemently refuted the charges. The Washington Post released another unsourced article on Friday, 18 months after the first. Friday’s post read, “Career prosecutors recommend no charges for Matt Gaetz.” He wasn’t charged with any of the offenses he was accused of. According to unidentified sources, he won’t be.

The initial story by the media who regurgitated the Justice Department and FBI whistleblowers gimmick did enough damage.

CNN reported: “Matt Gaetz’s days in politics are certainly numbered” following the original report, adding nobody defended him.

The Washington Post acknowledged, “Gaetz is in trouble. The allegations are of a sort that makes it very difficult for his colleagues to come to his defense. … There’s an obvious political risk to vocally defending someone who might face sex-trafficking charges, so expect his political allies (including the former president) to remain fairly muted.

Politicized disclosures had this objective. Gaetz couldn’t criticize the DOJ’s political charges as a pedophile pariah.

On the commemoration of the Gaetz story, reporter Glenn Greenwald wrote that leaks “have the effect, and often the intent, of destroying someone’s reputation, convicting them of repellent crimes in the court of public opinion that will never be brought in a court of law, thus relieving the state of the requirement to prove the crime and denying the accused the opportunity to exonerate themselves.

That’s exactly what occurred: Multiple “SNL” skits mocked him. The Washington Post reported in a video report that Gaetz was under scrutiny for child prostitution and paying for sex.

Politico said that Gaetz’s associates believe Greenberg may arrange a deal with prosecutors to deliver him. This was the tone of reportage for months, even after Gaetz’s extortion charges were proven. AP went as far as trying to link DeSantis to the controversy.

If Matt Gaetz is innocent of sex trafficking, why does he need an expensive criminal defense attorney from New York?” said one left-wing lawyer widely known with corporate media.

The Democrat-run House Ethics Committee usually investigates members after the DOJ. In Gaetz’s case, the committee began — and announced — a probe.

Cheney and other Never Trump activists loved the anonymously based claims against Gaetz. Friday’s anonymous news was also ignored.

Marc Short, ex-vice president Mike Pence’s chief of staff, accused Gaetz of child trafficking in July after the congressman stated Pence was a “good guy” but would never be president.

I don’t know if Mike Pence will run for president in 2024, but I don’t think Matt Gaetz will impact that,” Short said. “In fact, I’d be surprised if he’s still voting. It’s more likely he’ll be in prison for child trafficking by 2024.

The DOJ, FBI, and corporate media have a history of brutally targeting anyone who threatens their position. Devin Nunes was blasted for rejecting the Russia collusion lie. Selective leaks were used to stir up ethical complaints, accuse misconduct, slow down oversight, sideline effective counterattack, and cover up major agency malfeasance.

Justice and the FBI are uncontrolled. The propaganda press conspires against the American people. If Republicans take one or both houses of Congress, they must use their oversight and purse power to rein in bureaucratic despotism.

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