FBI Used Info From Clinton Ally To Support Steele Dossier

On Tuesday, Trey Gowdy dropped a bombshell, claiming that the FBI cited information from Clinton fixer Sidney Blumenthal to use as claims made in the infamous Steele dossier.

While being interviewed by Martha Maccallum of Fox News, Gowdy stated that he saw an FBI spreadsheet while still in congress that showed all of the claims made in the Trump-Russia dosser, which was ultimately written by Christopher Steele. Gowdy also mentioned that the FBI spreadsheet specifically noted information that "supported" the report.


“I’ve seen the spreadsheet, Martha, I have seen each factual assertion listed in that dossier, and then I’ve seen the FBI’s justification. And when you’re citing newspaper articles as corroboration for a factual assertion that you have made, you don’t need an FBI agent to go do a Google search,” Gowdy said.

“When the name Sidney Blumenthal is included as part of your corroboration, and when you’re the world’s leading law enforcement agency, you have a problem,” he continued.



The origins of the entire Russia investigation is a touchy subject at the moment. Democrats and those who lead the intelligence agencies at the time assure the American people that there was no wrongdoing, however Republicans believe the FBI purposely relied on unverified information in the dossier to obtain a FISA warrant so they could spy on the Trump campaign.

Check out what the Daily Caller reported:

Blumenthal, who is one of the Clintons’ closest political allies, was involved in shopping around a report that contained some of the same allegations about Donald Trump that were included in Steele’s document. That eight-page report was authored by Cody Shearer, another longtime Clinton insider who is close friends with Blumenthal. 
Both Shearer and Blumenthal are considered controversial figures. Shearer first came to prominence in the early 1990s after he peddled false allegations that then-Vice President Dan Quayle bought marijuana from a man who was in prison at the time. Blumenthal helped stoke false rumors in the 2008 campaign that Barack Obama was not born in the U.S.
Like Steele, Shearer cited sources who claimed the Russian government had sexually compromising material on Trump. No evidence has emerged supporting the claim, which Trump has vehemently denied.
Shearer’s two memos, which he put together in September and October 2016, made their way to the FBI through Steele.
Blumenthal provided Shearer’s reports to Jonathan Winer, a State Department official who was Steele’s main contact to the agency. Winer gave Shearer’s document to Steele, who in turn gave the document to the FBI. The Guardian reported Jan. 30, 2018, that Steele gave the FBI the Shearer information because he was asked to turn over any intelligence he had about Trump that might corroborate his own reporting.
Steele provided Winer with information from his own Trump investigation. Winer set up a meeting for Steele at the State Department Oct. 11, 2016. He has since left government.

It seems that Gowdy is making an effort to go on the offensive. On Monday night, Gowdy dropped a bomb on live TV and told congressional investigators to look into Comey’s and Brennan’s emails in December of 2016.

“So whoever’s investigating this, tell them to look for emails between Brennan and Comey in December 2016,” Gowdy said to Sean Hannity of Fox News, referring to unhinged former CIA Director John Brennan and fired FBI Director James Comey.

Although Gowdy did not say exactly what was in these emails, the fact that he is coming forward and mentioning them speaks volumes. Gowdy also mentioned that the FBI say the author of the infamous Russia dossier, Christopher Steele, as an unreliable source.

“I think you’ll be surprised at whether or not they viewed Steele as being credible,” Gowdy also noted.

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