VICTORY! FCC Stonewalls Attempt To Censor Trump's Coronavirus Briefings

Earlier this week, an influential far-left media group called “Free Press” launched an attack on President Trump, ordering widespread censorship of his daily press briefings from the Federal Communications Commission. The media group called on the government to stop coverage of the coronavirus press briefings over Trump’s lies, arguing that it will prevent “substantial public harm.”

In addition to censoring coronavirus briefings, Free Press hoped to make television disclaimers mandatory when President Trump and a number of other individuals are speaking to the public.


Fortunately, leadership in the FCC recently made an announcement outright rejecting the petition from the media group, effectively ending the ridiculous attempts to subvert President Trump.

Check out what The Federalist reported below:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rejected a request by the far-left media group “Free Press” to censor President Donald Trump’s press conferences on Monday. Last week, the liberal media group had filed a petition with the FCC to constrain public access to updates on the federal response to the ongoing public health pandemic by mandating television disclaimers to the president and media figures who possess opposing political views from Free Press.

“At best,” the FCC wrote in a letter announcing its decision, “the Petition rests on a fundamental misunderstanding of the Commission’s limited role in regulating broadcast journalism. And at worst, the Petition is a brazen attempt to pressure broadcasters to squelch their coverage of a President that Free Press dislikes and silence other commentators with whom Free Press disagrees.”

Almost immediately after the petition was filed earlier this week, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr warned of the attack from the media group, arguing that the petition is a “sweeping and dangerous” attempt from Democrats in power to “weaponize” the government against certain individuals who do not agree with their political stance.

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“This is a sweeping and dangerous attempt by the far left to weaponize the FCC against conservative media outlets and elected officials,” he said, adding that “they want to turn the FCC into a roving speech police empowered to go after the left’s political opponents.”

Branden Carr also pointed out the history of the media group, detailing their extensive influence on lobbying for legislation, and warning that it will not be the last attack on the President from the media group.

The Federalist explains:

Given Free Press’ leadership and history, it is almost certainly the latter. The group had previously lobbied under the Obama administration to institute “net neutrality” rules later repealed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. The progressive group’s founder and board member Robert W. McChesney is a professed socialist who fantasizes about the destruction of the free market.

Some news outlets have portrayed a similar position with the media group, announcing plans to stop coverage of President Trump’s briefings over his coronavirus “lies.” Both CNN and MSNBC said they will stop future coverage of the briefings, and they have even gone as far as considering to cut coverage and continue once Trump stops lying.

One of the many things Democrats accuse him of lying about is a game changing antimalarial drug, which President Trump issued high confidence in early on, despite its lack of clinical trials for treating the coronavirus.

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Nevertheless, research on the drug is showing promising results, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo requested thousands of doses of the potential therapy, claiming “evidence” is suggesting that the treatment is “effective” for patients. 

While a majority of individuals continue to watch the President unfiltered every day, more and more people are coming around to his support.

Last month, President Trump obtained a record-breaking approval rating of 49%, leading many to correlate the President’s rising approval rating with his unfiltered coverage across the media.

As President Trump continues to get nonstop coverage for his response to the coronavirus, future attacks from influential media groups like Free Press seem almost inevitable, but the government has made it clear they will not tolerate this unwarranted censorship.

What are your thoughts on this decision from the FCC? Let us know in the comments below!