Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis Rips NBC Over Attempt to Get Google to Deplatform Site

How militant has the Left become in the age of President Donald Trump? How authoritarian? How anti-constitutional?

So much so that a ‘mainstream’ news outlet – NBC News, a stalwart of the Left – is actively attempting to get another news outlet – The Federalist – de-platformed and demonetized so it will have to shut down.


In other words, the First Amendment for me, but not for thee, because ‘thee’ offers political views and insights that ‘me’ doesn’t like.

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In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tuesday, co-founder of The Federalist, Sean Davis, said that the site fell victim to “the unholy union of corrupt media and monopolistic tech oligarchs” after NBC News attempted to convince Google Ads to demonetize the organization for its Black Lives Matter coverage.

“We were subjected to all these demands in 2016 and after to get rid of foreign interference in our elections and here we have a foreign unit at NBC ... seeking with another left-wing foreign group to deplatform an American media organization, one that's supposed to be defended and made sacrosanct under the First Amendment," Davis said. 

"And it's not just that somebody came after us ... the whiny cry-bullies of the left do this all the time to their enemies. They can't win arguments so they try to shut them down, but to see this come from actual journalists who claim to believe in the First Amendment, that was remarkable,” he added.

Yes, well, ‘remarkable’ is one word you could use. There are a few others which I think are much more descriptive and apt that I won’t divulge into here.

Davis, during his interview, said The Federalist editorial staff never received any prior notice from Google or Google Ads that the site was violating any sort of ‘community guidelines.’ Rather, they heard about all it for the first time from NBC News.

Carlson noted that this isn’t the first time that Left-wing journalists – which is most of them, by the way – have promoted censorship…in an industry that even exists thanks to our founders’ recognition that a free press is vital to the maintenance and defense of a democratic republic.

“But you gotta kinda wonder,” Carlson said, “are laws being broken here? We have an election looming on the horizon, we have news companies trying to put their competitors out of business with the help of a monopoly that only exists because it has a special carve-out from the United States Congress.” 

Why isn’t anyone stepping in, he asked?

Great question, Davis responded, and inquiring minds (who care about the Constitution and the survival of our country as founded) want to know.

Some are, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who is also involving Attorney General William Barr.

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In an email to Google CEO Sundar Pichai cc’ed to Barr and Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joseph Simons, Cruz said of the incident:

The culture of free speech in this country is under attack, and Google is helping lead the charge. Whereas Americans once understood that the best response to speech was more speech, some Americans, with the help of some of the most powerful companies on the planet, are now pressing to silence and punish those expressing views that do not align with the prevailing and ever-shifting progressive orthodoxy. 

Cruz, as chairman on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on the Constitution, sent Pinchai a list of questions regarding its actions that he wants answered by June 24. 

Beyond that, the Justice Department appears poised to limit current legal protections to Internet companies as a way of curbing their outsized power.