HUGE: FBI & ICE Step Up Investigation Into Rep. Omar Marriage

According to the NY Post, The Federal Bureau of Investigation has now begun reviewing claims that Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar married her brother and committed marriage fraud - a felony offense punishable with a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to $250,000.

Two FBI agents reportedly held a meeting in Minnesota in October with a concerned individual who handed over information regarding Ilhan Omar’s rumored marriage to her brother. First reported by The Blaze, a source with knowledge of the meeting said the agents discussed Omar’s marriage in 2009 to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, and whether or not she did so to obtain a green card and study in America. If these accusations are true, this could be the worst-ever crime spree committed by a member of Congress.


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Additionally, the two agents said they would be sharing the information that was obtained from the individual with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the US Department of Education. This means three government agencies will be looking into Rep. Omar, although they did not not confirm the existence of any ongoing or potential investigation.

In 2002, Ilhan Omar married Ahmed Hirsi, but she later filed for divorce after allegations came about that claimed she was having an affair with Tim Mynett, a D.C. political consultant. Before their divorce, they had two kids and were married until 2008. The next year, Omar married Elmi, who she described as a “British Citizen” on their marriage license.  This is the marriage the three government agencies are now going to be looking into.

Allegations that Omar married her brother first came from a source in Somalia, who claimed that Omar, Hirsi, and Elmi lived together with Omar’s two children until they all moved to North Dakota. This is where Omar then began studying political science. It took all the way until 2017, right before she was elected into Congress, for her to divorce her alleged brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

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Ilhan Omar’s office has yet to respond to the allegations directly, but she has repeatedly denounced them in the past as “disgusting lies.”

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