Finally Seen The Light??? Thousands Dump Democratic Party For The GOP

The most significant switch of the year has been recorded in the United States as thousands of Democrats are suddenly switching parties to become Republicans. In a surprising revelation by the Department of State, about 40,000 Pennsylvania democrats have switched ahead of the elections scheduled to take place this year. In contrast, only around 12,000 republican voters have switched to the Democratic party’s side. 

In Washington County, 906 Democrats have changed their registration to Republican this year, while just 173 went from Republican to Democrat.

In reaction to this, Pennsylvania mother Beth Ann Rosica commented to the media. As a former democrat herself, she agreed that the democratic party seems to care about the people less than they say. With the inflation and numerous crises the United States has faced under a democrat’s administration, the citizens of the United States have had enough of it. The numerous policies set up by the Biden administration have brought losses instead, as many of them have failed. 

When explaining why she had chosen to become a republican after being a democrat for 34 years, she expressed how her eyes had just opened to see clearly. For most of her career, she had dedicated her time and resources to helping the less privileged communities as a true democrat. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, she realized that the democratic party was all talk and pretense. 

What I saw through the pandemic was that the Democratic Party basically abandoned all of those people. And so that was why I left the party, or as I like to say, the party really left me, and I think that a lot more people are really starting to see that.”

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Another ex-democrat from an immigrant family, Endrais Micael also explained that the democratic party had failed the voters. He said, “I’m a part of a community called the National Council of Eritrean Americans, and what we committed to is mobilizing swing votes and people who consider themselves the fault of Democrats, people who the Democratic Party have not engaged with in quite some time or just have offered them failed policy after failed policy. So we decided to go from a grassroots approach and actually start meeting with Republican candidates.”

Dave Ball, chair of the Washington County Republican Party, opined that most people were seeing the light and stepping up as they were only democrats because of their parents. “I think the prevailing mood is: It’s OK to be a Republican,” Ball added.

GOP candidate Mehmet Oz explained his opinion on the declining number of democrats in the State. Oz said Biden has failed our country and earned a 0 for not showing up. He added that Biden’s wasteful spending, attack on American energy, failure to deal with inflation, and open border policies have been disastrous for our nation. Mehmet is also set to compete with Democrat Gov. John Fetterman for Pennsylvania’s senate race by November, and luck seems to be on his side considering the increasing number of Republicans in the State. If this influx persists, the republicans will undoubtedly have no competition for the next presidential election.

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