First Trump Rally Since Lockdown Already Has Over 300,000 Ticket Requests

In what could be the beginning of the worst nightmare for Democrats and their media stooges, President Trump's return to holding live campaign rallies is already looking like a smashing success. 

Next weekend, the leader of the free world will officially restart his events with a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will be the first such event since mass hysteria over COVID-19 led to national lockdowns. 


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How much of a success? 

As of Friday night, there have already been over 300,000 ticket requests  with over a week to go until the POTUS takes the stage to deliver his message directly to an enthusiastic crowd of patriotic Americans. 

The staggering number was announced by Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale on Twitter. 

Via Tulsa World, "Trump campaign manager says 300,000 seeking tickets to BOK Center rally, second event considered":

President Donald Trump’s campaign manager said in a tweet Friday evening that 300,000 people had registered for tickets to Trump’s upcoming rally at Tulsa’s BOK Center.

Campaign Manager Brad Parscale initially tweeted that 200,000 had registered for the June 19 event and that the campaign was considering holding a second event in Tulsa so more people could see the president here. Parscale later revised the number to 300,000.

“Gonna be GREAT in the most open state in the nation!” Parscale said in the tweet.

Attendees must agree not to sue the president, campaign and event organizers for liability from exposure to COVID-19.

Despite the BOK Center’s advertised capacity of more than 19,000, the campaign was still accepting registrations as of Friday evening.

Some people are encouraging others on social media to register for tickets and then not attend so that large parts of the arena would not be full. But the tickets are not for reserved seats, and the BOK Center’s doors will open four hours before the event is to start at 8 p.m. Those in line will get seats until the arena is full.

The president's restarting of the rallies couldn't come at a better time as the nation is under total assault from an emboldened communist left that has capitalized on the outrage over the George Floyd killing to topple statues and seize cities. 

With social distancing mandates having exposed as shams after the same media that terrorized Americans over the coronavirus endorsed riots and the ongoing insurrection, it is time for the POTUS to shore up morale for law-abiding citizens in a country that is on the brink of anarchy. 

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While the venue only holds 19,000 spectators, the entire area around the BOK Center will be surrounded by those who are determined to support their president at a time of unprecedented crisis due to the virus as well as the insurrection that is being nurtured by Democrats.

There is much squawking about the liability waiver but it serves to prevent Democrat operatives from infiltrating the event and then suing the campaign for being exposed to the coronavirus. 

The President has moved the rally from the originally scheduled date of Friday June 19 to Saturday June 20 out of respect for the commemoration of the Juneteenth holiday.