“F**K THEM”; Tucker Carlson Goes Off On The ADL After They Demand He Be Fired

Since Trump has left office, Tucker Carlson has become the new face of liberal rage. He triggers them unlike anyone else in the news media, and for good reason.

Carlson has the #1 rated cable news show in the country and millions are glued to the truth he gives on a nightly basis. And since the left hates truth, they have tried to attack Tucker at every angle.

During a new podcast, Megyn Kelly asked Tucker for his response to the ADL’s demands, and his answer was gold.

“Oh, f*** them,” Carlson said. “The ADL was such a noble organization that had a very specific goal, which was to fight anti-Semitism. That’s a virtuous goal. I think they were pretty successful over the years. Now it’s operated by a guy who’s just an apparatchik of the Democratic Party.”

Watch below: (relevant clip starts at around 17:14):

Since the left can’t argue with real facts, they resort to trying to get their political opposition fired or expelled from society.

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