‘F**KING NUTS’: 9/11 Heroes Rip Biden Pentagon for Giving COVID Vaccines to Gitmo Detainees First

For a certain segment of the American public, nothing that Joe Biden or his administration has done since taking office has been wrong.

But for a whole lot of other Americans, the president has done little right, and that now appears to include the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out — to which the Biden Pentagon has just added a new ‘woke’ element.

According to the New York Post, the Pentagon will begin offering vaccines to detainees housed in the U.S. prison facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a decision that is being panned by 9/11 heroes and veterans as “disgusting” and “f**king nuts.”

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“It will be administered on a voluntary basis and in accordance with the Department’s priority distribution plan,” spokesman Michael Howard said, according to the Post. “The order was signed on January 27 by Terry Adirim, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs who was sworn in as a Biden appointee on Inauguration Day, a Pentagon spokesman confirmed.”

And obviously, this isn’t an order that would have been internally generated; it had to have come from the administration.

Tom Von Essen, who served as the New York City fire commissioner during the attacks, called the move “f**king nuts.”

“You can’t make this up. The ridiculousness of what we get from our government. They will run the vaccine down to those lowlifes at Guantanamo Bay before every resident of the United States of America gets it is the theater of the absurd,” he said.

The Post added:

John Feal, a demolition supervisor at the Ground Zero pile in the aftermath of the attacks who has various 9/11-related illnesses, and who has not yet gotten the vaccine, was stunned by the news.

“The fact that the 9/11 community can’t get the vaccine and the terrorists can show how backward our government is,” he told The Post. “It’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. It’s an insult to the people who ran into the towers and were killed and those who worked on the pile for months and are ill.”…

Brian Sullivan, a retired special security agent with the Federal Aviation Administration, said, “I’m incensed. It’s totally outrageous. I’m 75. I haven’t gotten my COVID vaccine. They’re going to give it Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?”

The Post said 40 detainees remain incarcerated at Gitmo, including Mohammed, who is accused of masterminding the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that brought down the then-twin World Trade Center towers and destroyed a portion, ironically, of the Pentagon.

The attack served as the kick-off point for two of the longest U.S. wars in our history — the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, where the 9/11 plot was allegedly hatched by Mohammed and the late al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Meanwhile, New York continues to fall short of vaccinating its own residents because the state can’t get enough doses, even though it was the COVID-19 epicenter for months.

“It is inexcusable and un-American that President Biden is choosing to prioritize convicted terrorists in Gitmo over vulnerable American seniors or veterans,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY).

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“This is a real kick in the balls. It’s very upsetting. It’s absolutely disgusting,” said retired FDNY Lt. Michael O’Connell, who worked search and rescue in NYC after the towers came down, told the Post.

“These terrorists committed harm but the patriots are the one who have to wait to get vaccinated. We responded within 10 seconds of when the first plane crashed into the building. Here we are a year later [since the COVID-19 outbreak] and the politicians can’t get it right on the coronavirus vaccine.”

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