Flashback: Bloomberg Once Urged Americans to “Get Behind” President Trump

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Back in 2017 during an interview on “The View,” former New York City mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg told Americans to “get behind” President Trump because “the public has spoken.”

“That’s my country. That’s my kids and grandkids,” Bloomberg said. “You have to make it work. We have an election — whoever wins, you got to get behind.”

“He’s our president, and we need this country to be run well. I didn’t vote for him. Let’s just all hope that Donald Trump is a good president of the United States.”

WATCH the clip below:

Bloomberg’s rhetoric has completely changed since then considering he is now running for president himself. 

Bloomberg has spent millions and millions of dollars on misleading advertisements to hammer President Trump.

During an interview with Sean Hannity which was aired before the 2020 Super Bowl, President Trump punched back at Bloomberg by joking about his height.

“Why he should he get a box to stand on?” Trump questioned according to Fox News. “Why should he be entitled to that, really? Then does that mean everyone else gets a box?”

According to Julie Wood, a Bloomberg spokeswoman, President Trump is “lying.”

“He is a pathological liar who lies about everything: his fake hair, his obesity, and his spray-on tan,” she said.

Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

The full interview was scheduled to air Sunday afternoon.

Trump had already fired off a series of early Sunday anti-Bloomberg tweets, calling the billionaire “part of the Fake News” and insisting he “is going nowhere” and “just wasting his money,” despite rising in the polls.

Bloomberg responded with his own aside: “Looks like our ads are keeping you up at night. We’ve got one in particular you should watch today.” Bloomberg’s 60-second spot will focus on the impact of gun violence.

Trump was spending his weekend in Palm Beach, Florida, where he has been golfing and mingling with guests at his dues-paying Mar-a-Lago club. On Saturday night, he made an appearance at an event there hosted by the “Trumpettes” fan club.

“We just had our best poll numbers that we’ve ever had,” Trump said in his remarks, according to video posted on social media. He also praised singer Lee Greenwood, whose song “Proud to be an American” is played every time Trump takes the stage at his rallies. Also in attendance, per photographs, were actor Stephen Baldwin and Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

The president was expected to host his annual Super Bowl watch party in Florida before returning to Washington late Sunday.

President Trump has doubled down on his attacks of Bloomberg since the billionaire announced he would be running for president.

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“Many of the ads you are watching were paid for by Mini Mike Bloomberg. He is going nowhere, just wasting his money, but he is getting the DNC to rig the election against Crazy Bernie, something they wouldn’t do for @CoryBooker and others. They are doing it to Bernie again, 2016,” President Trump tweeted a couple weeks back.

“Mini Mike is part of the Fake News. They are all working together. In fact, Bloomberg isn’t covering himself (too boring to do), or other Dems. Only Trump. That sounds fair! It’s all the Fake News Media, and that’s why nobody believes in them any more,” he added.

Trump added fuel to the fire with yet another tweet: “Mini Mike is now negotiating both to get on the Democrat Primary debate stage, and to have the right to stand on boxes, or a lift, during the debates. This is sometimes done, but really not fair!”

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