FLASHBACK: Jon Oliver Once Praised Trump For Opposing Machine Voting; ‘He’s All The Way, Completely Right’

In the fall if 2019, left-wing commentator Jon Oliver actually praised Trump for his opposition to paperless voting machines because of their susceptibility to fraud and errors.

He even went as far as to say Trump is “all the way, completely right”.

“The fact is unless you happen to personally know everyone who votes for you on a paperless DRE machine, there is no way to verify the results. It’s a pretty good case against them,” Oliver said.

“Which makes it frankly completely insane that New Jersey not only still uses them but plans to keep using them for the 2020 election. And its not just New Jersey! In 2016, 20% of voters voted on paperless DRE’s and an estimated 12% will use them in 2020, meaning 16 million Americans spread across all these states are set to be voting on machines that pretty much everyone agrees are deeply deeply flawed,” he added.

“And if they malfunction, there could be no way of knowing, which is absolutely terrifying. Because what we have to do here is obvious. It’s so obvious in fact, even this guy understands it”, he says before cutting to a clip of Trump warning voters about these faulty machines.

“One of the things we’re learning is that it’s always good, its old fashioned, but its always good to have a paper backup system of voting. It’s called paper, not highly complex computers. Paper. And a lot of states are doing that,” Trump said in the clip.

Yeah! he’s right! that’s it! he’s just all the way, completely right!“, Oliver said in response. 

Watch below:

Does Jon Oliver have this same energy today?

Probably not, because his guy Joe Biden benefitted greatly from the inaccuracies caused by these machines.

Does it get more hypocritical than this?