FLASHBACK: Mich. Gov. Whitmer Wants U.S. Taxpayers to Bail Her Out After Lengthy COVID Shutdown

It takes a lot of nerve to collapse your state’s economy with poor policy decisions during a pandemic, then demand that someone else bail you out. Yet, remember when Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer did just that, becoming one in a growing list of Democrats who don't want to take any responsibility for their coronavirus actions.

After ordering businesses – though not all businesses – to shut down as the coronavirus outbreak spread, Whitmer is now coming, arms outstretched, to the federal government, claiming that somehow federal taxpayers owe her for the loss of revenue caused by her policy decisions.


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WILX reported last month:

During her press conference, the governor listed the amount of money the state has spent in fighting COVID-19. She said the state has more than $436 million fighting COVID-19 in the past 10 weeks, which is money the state wasn't planning on spending when the budget was set a year ago, on top of the $3 billion the state has already lost in tax revenue.

The governor said there is no way to cut spending enough to fill the estimated $6 billion hole over the next two years. She called on the federal government to come together to help Michigan and other states facing budget challenges. Under the current federal cares act, states can't use federal aid money to pay for things that were in the budget before the pandemic started.

The governor called on the federal government to come together to help Michigan and other states facing budget challenges as a result of the virus.

“Our enemy now is not one another, our enemy is a virus called COVID-19," the governor said. "We can't do it on our own.”

Meanwhile, as Whitmer was making her demands on the federal Treasury, she had plenty of state taxpayer money to allegedly funnel to her political cronies.

“Whitmer’s office gave the ‘green light’ for a COVID-19 contact tracing ‘arrangement’ she denied knowledge of and canceled amid outcry over a contractor with Democratic ties,” Bridge Magazine, a local Michigan publication, reported. “Emails obtained through a public records request appear to show Michigan officials tried to avoid controversy by shifting work to apolitical subsidiaries of firms with known partisan leanings.”

And Andrea Taverna, a senior adviser in the Michigan Department of the Health and Human Services, said in an email to other state officials, “We got the green light from EOG [the executive office of the governor] to move forward with a slightly different organizational arrangement of the contact tracing volunteer work. This would still be working with Mike Kolehouse, so work there isn’t lost – it’s just organized somewhat differently – see below.”

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So – money for the state Democrat political machine and its allied moving parts, but somehow Whitmer’s poverty plea is supposed to be the responsibility of Congress and the administration she bashed to fix.

And this was after the Washington Free Beacon reported in April that Whitmer had given control of the state’s contact tracing program to “one of the left’s biggest technology firms” as a potential way of her “using the coronavirus to strengthen the Democratic Party’s data operation.”

Democrats have no business running a hot dog stand on the beach, let alone major cities and states. But as always, it’s up to city and state voters to fix the stupid and the corrupt.