FLASHBACK: The Media Called Trump's China Travel Ban "Emotional, Political, Not Effective"

Now that the coronavirus has shut down a large portion of America, it is obvious that President Trump's ban on travel from China has saved lives and prevented a much wider spread of the disease. 

Without such decisive action by the leader of the free world, the U.S. could have been devastated in a similar manner to Italy which did not shut down travel and is now paying a severe price for its inaction. 


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Even his harshest critics are now acknowledging that the ban on Chinese travel was the right thing to do but at the time, they were singing a much different song. 

Via The Daily Caller, "FLASHBACK: Let’s Take A Look At How The Press Covered Trump’s China Travel Ban":

Media outlets bashed President Donald Trump back in January after he implemented a travel ban from China because of the novel coronavirus – a move that many other countries have now followed.

The Trump administration first made the announcement Jan. 31, 2020, announcing they would restrict foreign nationals recently in China from entering the U.S. They also announced that some Americans who recently traveled to the country would be put into quarantine for a time upon their arrival back to the U.S. The novel coronavirus first originated in Wuhan, China.

Trump’s announcement sparked severe backlash from media outlets who rushed to find experts willing to bash the decision, Lyndsey Fifield, social media manager for The Heritage Foundation, noted on Twitter.

Democrats and their media mouthpieces pounced on the necessary protective measure to hammer their stale talking points that Trump a racist and a xenophobe, effectively parroting propaganda from the ChiComs. 

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Via The New York Times, "Who Says It’s Not Safe to Travel to China?":

The coronavirus travel ban is unjust and doesn’t work anyway.

The coronavirus outbreak seems defined by two opposing forces: the astonishing efficiency with which the travel industry connects the world and a political moment dominated by xenophobic rhetoric and the building of walls.   

The Chinese government agreed with the media:

It is now apparent that the POTUS was right and that the ban has slowed the spread here in the U.S. and saved lives - don't hold your breath waiting for apologies from the media.