Florida GOP Creates Hilarious Parody Ad Against CA Gov. Gavin Newsom After Attacks on DeSantis

A Florida political action committee has created a few parody ads striking out at California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom after he has launched numerous attacks against the state’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Back in the month of July, Newsom decided to start attacking DeSantis by taking out a bunch of ads in the state of Florida that criticized him over a number of different policies that he alleges encroach on free speech and hamper education in the state.

The real question is why he’s worried about what’s happening in Florida when his state is still going down the crapper? Doesn’t he have his own issues to worry about? Is he maybe trying to prepare for a presidential race by getting involved in national politics or something?

Who knows?

During the ads, Newsom encouraged disaffected Floridians to pack up their stuff and head on over to California.

“In response, Florida PAC Vote the R released a digital ad that included some of the same footage Newsom used. The parody video depicted the California governor still demonizing his rival, but for seemingly innocuous policies such as allowing the citizens to go outside or attend school,” Just the News reported.

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The ad then recreates Newsom’s oh so polite invitation for folks to relocate to California, but then goes on to spend time highlighting all of the bad things going down in Newsom’s neck of the woods, such as massive drug abuse in Los Angeles and all of the human poop on the streets of San Francisco.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to move out to those places? Nothing beats the odor of human feces in the morning baking in the hot sun. Refreshing.

“It concluded with the voice over telling viewers that the state will take all of their money should they move to California, while Newsom himself would dine at high-end restaurants, in apparent reference the governor’s infamous birthday dinner at French Laundry in which he violated his own lockdown orders,” the ad says in conclusion.

Again, I’m not sure why in the world Newsom decided to stick his nose in another state’s business, but he did it, nonetheless. It’s glorious to see the conservatives in Florida not taking any crap from someone who is driving their state into the ground with not only oppressive COVID restrictions, but also with dim-witted Democratic policies that have proven time and again not to work.

The cost of living in California is atrocious. You think prices for food and other necessary daily items are getting outrageously high in your local supermarket, just try shopping in the land of fruits and nuts. It’s almost impossible.

I don’t think a guy who is allowing his state to endure such suffering should be the person out front trying to recruit people to come live in his state. I mean, if you are going to walk the walk, you better talk the talk, right?

That’s something DeSantis understands well. It’s how he’s managed to earn so much respect from conservatives across the United States. He says what he means and means what he says. That is a rare commodity in politics.

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