Forensic Expert Concludes ‘Smoking Gun’ Email Burisma Exec Sent to Hunter Biden is Genuine

The garbage ‘mainstream media’ continues to ignore or dance around the bombshell allegations of corruption surrounding Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden – revelations first reported earlier this month by the New York Times.

That initial report, which earned the outlet major censorship on all the big tech social media platforms including being locked out of its own Twitter account (for weeks), was based on evidence give to the Post by presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor who knows how to get – and vet – evidence.

Giuliani, you may recall, obtained the evidence from a computer repair shop owner in Delaware who contacted him through an intermediary after seeing explosive materials on the device that warranted attention above his paygrade.

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One of the pieces of evidence suggesting Joe Biden has been lying all regarding a lack of knowledge about son Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals was an email that blew that claim out of the water.

The Daily Caller reports:

The DCNF obtained a full copy of Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday. The DCNF provided Robert Graham, the founder of the cybersecurity firm Errata Security, with a copy of the email and its metadata for forensic analysis.

Graham, who has been cited as a cybersecurity expert in The Washington Post, the Associated Press, Wired, Engadget and other news and technology outlets, told the DCNF that he used a cryptographic signature found in the email’s metadata to validate that Vadym Pozharsky, an advisor to Burisma’s board of directors, emailed Hunter Biden on April 17, 2015.

In the email, Pozharsky thanked Hunter Biden for “inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together.”

Why does this matter? Well, Joe Biden has regularly claimed he didn’t interfere with, or no anything about, Hunter’s business dealings. Also, let’s recall that this hypocrite piled on with other Democrats to accuse President Donald Trump of doing something nefarious and inherently corrupt with Ukraine, enough to get him impeached (for no reason).

The revelation also comes after video of Joe Biden surfaced last year of him bragging about getting a top Ukrainian prosecutor fired who looking into Burisma corruption at the time his son, Hunter, was serving on the company’s board.

Oh, and materials on the Hunter Biden laptop also include a text message from him to daughter Naomi in which he was lamenting her lack of respect for him while he suggested he has to give half of everything he pulls in (on behalf of the Biden name) to daddy.

Joe Biden, in other words and based on the evidence the Post and The DCNF are presenting, is extremely corrupt and incapable of honesty.

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In a video posted online Thursday, Giuliani blasted Joe Biden for using his “drug addict son” as a “bagman.”

“Joe Biden, the guy who used his son, a drug addict, to be his bag man. Why do you think he lost his teeth at 40 years old?” Giuliani ripped.

“You couldn’t find some bum in Washington to do this for you? You had to use your son and ruin his life?” Giuliani continued. “And you want to be President of our country?  My goodness, you should check in to the local federal prison and start doing your time.  That’s where you belong, not in the White House.”

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