Forget The Media! Abysmal is The Word To Describe Biden’s Economy

Biden’s democratic administration has been manipulative and sketchy right from the start, and the facts to prove this claim are everywhere for those who choose to see the truth.

During the Trump administration, the media always sought to discredit Trump by highlighting him in the worst way possible, setting agendas for the unsuspecting public to follow. No one can claim that the Trump administration was ineffective or inactive as it was everything but that. However, the same cannot be said with this current administration.

The liberal media had painted the Trump administration to make people believe that everything he did was terrible, but the results were too evident that Trump had indeed changed America. The Biden administration, which is loved by this media, has not done anything worthwhile for a whole term. All they have done is to take a 180 on Trump’s policies which have all backfired on them. All of the so-called democratic policies have put America in a tight spot, taken up a lot of money and resources, or proved useless and unnecessary.

Regardless of these facts, the media still chooses to stay as lapdogs for the democrats and report only positive news to the people. A recent example was the July jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The report featured an increase of 528,000 jobs from June, while the unemployment rate dropped to 3.5%, matching the nation’s lowest level in the past fifty years.

The media and the President have highlighted this as a positive economic sign, and even the President had boasted about it, saying, “Today’s jobs report shows that the economy added 528,000 jobs in July. More people are working than at any point in American history. That is no accident. It’s results.”


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Vice President Kamala Harris also noted that the “unemployment rate matches the lowest it’s been in more than 50 years. More people are working than ever before.” However, none have informed Americans that the economy is in serious trouble.

The country is undergoing a new recession, and the inflation rate is at its highest in several decades. As real weekly earnings have fallen since the beginning of the Biden administration, there is also a lack in consumer demand coiled with supply chain and shortage problems.

In the view of Brownstone Institute President Jeffrey A. Tucker, the economy is facing the worst problem it has ever encountered. He said, “We are living through the longest consecutive month-by-month decline in real personal disposable income since 1959, and it is combined with a most recent 16% increase in debt service as a percent of that same income stream. Translation: dramatic moves toward personal impoverishment.”

Regarding the employment rate the media had highlighted positively, actual statistics have proven that this is all because people are hungry as personal impoverishment keeps increasing in the country. Part-time jobs in the country had suddenly spiked by 384,000, and people who have no choice but to work two full-time jobs have increased by 92,000 and now total about 433,000 Americans.


In addition, fewer than 68,000 Black Americans are employed, and full-time jobs keep reducing as people now go for part-time jobs to get more income. Finally, with over one hundred million Americans not participating in the workforce, the labor force participation rate dropped in July to 62.1%. Yet, the President celebrates this as a win!

With the crises caused by this administration, almost every industry has been significantly affected, which has led to more hardship for the Americans, which was almost not felt in the Trump administration. Regardless, the media still labels Biden as the perfect President for the United States of America. Indeed, if there is any word to describe the Biden administration, abysmal is the perfect word, as the United States will probably need decades to recover from its damages.


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