Aging and increasingly irrelevant actress Sally Field is clinging to hope that someone will listen to her. Fading fame has that effect on self-entitled losers.

Does anyone younger than 40 know who Sally Field is? What has she done lately? And by lately I mean decades? Even Breitbart, which covers her violence-fueled rant below, could best connect its readers to her appearance in 1994’s Forrest Gump and 1977’s Smokey and the Bandit. She’s a washed-up joke. 

She’s also apparently cool with political violence. Some might call that terrorism.

As reported by Breitbart, here is Sally Field threatening violence against two different conservative politicians:

“Actress Sally Field says that if she sees Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) or Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), she “cannot be responsible for what I would do.”

“Those men who are doing that, and they’re mostly male governors who are doing it, are so backward, so ignorant and really just power hungry,” the Forest Gump star told Variety, after being asked what she thinks of these pro-life legislation in states like Texas and Florida.

“I think it’s criminal. They’re so wanting to roll back the achievements and important progress for women, for blacks, for the LGBTQ community. I can’t say enough horrible things about what I feel about those men,” Sally Field continued said while not specifying what’s “criminal” about what’s being done.

“If you see them coming toward me, those two governors specifically [Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis], lead me out of the way because I cannot be responsible for what I would do. Heidi [she addresses her publicist, who is in the room],” Field declared.

“Do you hear me? Lead me away,” the Smokey and the Bandit actress said.”

Aside from the fact that no one cares what she thinks or says, it’s appalling that this type of language is allowed at all. It’s reminiscent of the aged, never-funny “comedian” Kathy Griffin infamously posing with the severed head of Donald Trump in 2017. She rightfully received a visit from secret service agents and lost out on a lot of potential gigs. 

Of course, hypocrisy and double standards are par for the course. Black Lives Matter thugs burned, looted, and murdered their way through Demcorat-run cities in the summer of 2020 as they pretended to care about the perennial criminal and drug abuser George Floyd. Nothing much happened there. However, as soon as a few people were made to think it was safe to enter the Capitol building, look out!

In the light of Will Smith’s immediate move to violence – whether it was staged or not has yet to be determined – it’s becoming a real concern that Hollywood elites are setting the stage for the most dangerous psy-op yet, that of violence against political opponents who dare to think for themselves and/or go against the narrative.

I doubt it ends with just Sally Field making a stupid comment.