Former NYPD Detective Blames Crime Spikes in Cities Squarely on Democrats

A former New York City police detective had a lot to say about the major spike in crimes – in his city and elsewhere around the country – and it has little to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rather, these spikes have everything to do with the lack of leadership inherent in left-wing ‘justice reform’ policies enacted by Democrats at every level, according to Pat Brosnan.

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“A law that is not enforced is not a law and until that changes, until that equation changes, and crime becomes illegal, we will see skyrocketing gun violence straight across all of our major cities,” he told Fox News on Tuesday.

The virus may have played some role, but it’s certainly not the primary reason for the crime spikes.

“It’s a convenient narrative to lay the blame on the doorstep of COVID, granted, COVID is a contributing factor, there is no doubt about it,” Brosnan said. “But, riots for fun and profit, a desecrated police department in both morale and operationally, and a completely destructed and destructed rule of law relative to the adherence to it are the main drivers here–they’re the catalyst. COVID is just a first cousin that was a cause and effect.”

New York’s Democratic ‘leaders,’ especially Mayor Bill de Blasio – who has told his black son never to trust cops – disagreed.

Fox News has more:

Mayor Bill de Blasio has blamed the latest crime surge in part on business and school closures related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

“A lot of things we depend on to keep people safe and stable weren’t there,” he said Tuesday.

The increase in violence has given rise to fears that the city could be returning to darker times, decades ago, when residents feared for their safety amid a crack epidemic. The new crime wave comes as the city also grapples with a faltering economy and pressure to enact police reforms championed by racial justice advocates.

Citywide, shootings have nearly doubled — from 698 last year to 1,359 this year as of Nov. 15, according to NYPD figures. 

Shooting victims have more than doubled, from 828 during all of 2019 to 1,667 this year through Nov. 15. There have been 405 homicide victims so far this year, compared to 295 last year.

Yeah, not really, Brosnan said, adding that intentional “diminishment and demeaning of the police morale” is another cause.

“The reality is a brand new term has come to light, it is called de-arresting, where someone is lawfully placed under arrest for probable cause and then they are de-arrested because police commanders, under pressure from politicians, under pressure from the media, are saying certain crimes are no longer illegal so people get a free pass. So, how does that affect it at all?” he said.

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“We have commercial burglaries up in New York City–42%. Car thefts 66%. A lot of this is directly related to the COVID, right, there is a lot more homeless, a lot more emotionally disturbed folks, but, the reality is this free-for-all sense that there is no sanction, there is no penalty, it is all carrot and no stick,” Brosnan added.

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