Former President Trump Reveals When He Plans To Make Endorsement For Missouri GOP Senate Race

FILE PHOTO: Former U.S. president Donald Trump speaks to an audience at the "American Freedom Tour" event in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S., June 18, 2022. REUTERS/Karen Pulfer Focht/File Photo

Former President Donald Trump has finally announced when he plans to reveal who he is supporting for the Missouri GOP Senate primary. Today. He’s doing that today.

One day before the actual primary is due to take place.

Kind of cutting it down to the wire, don’t you think? Is that endorsement really going to make much of a difference at this point in the race? People have likely already chosen who they are going to vote for at this point, thus one has to wonder if Trump’s support this late in the game will matter at all?

“I will be Endorsing in The Great State of Missouri Republican race (Nomination) for Senate sometime today!,” the former president stated in a post published on Truth, the social media platform he owns.

The endorsement comes after Trump himself delivered some serious criticism about a poll that was associated with Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s Senate campaign.

According to Just the News, “The poll showed that Trump had 42% support in Missouri’s hypothetical 2024 presidential primary state while GOP strategists think the former president may actually have more than 70% support.”

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The former president smoked President Joe Biden 57 percent to 41 percent in Missouri’s 2020 general election, which is why there are many folks who would answer the questions posed above in the positive, believing his endorsement will indeed make a huge impact in favor of his chosen candidate.

“Whichever Republican wins the August 2 primary will go on to the general election to replace retiring GOP Sen. Roy Blunt,” the report from Just the News stated.

“Most of the polls compiled by Real Clear Politics show either Greitens or Schmitt winning the primary with Schmitt ahead in the most recent few surveys,” the report continued.

Over 130 candidates who have been backed by Trump have ended up winning their primaries during this election cycle, which means that his endorsement success rate is a staggering 93 percent, according to information gleaned from Ballotpedia.

This seems to give some solid direction as to whether or not the endorsement of this candidate, even a day before the primary, will have any sort of impact on the race. It seems it will.

Which means that it’s likely whoever Trump chooses is going to snag a massive victory in the primary race and stand an excellent chance of victory in the general election which will be held in November.

This is a good thing.

We want to see as many Republicans win in the general election as possible in order to take control of the House and Senate. The ones who stand the most chance of victory, at least from my perspective, in a general election are candidates supported by Trump.

The former president still has a large following within the GOP. Republicans who think they can take over the House and Senate come November without Trump’s help underestimate his influence on the party.

And, given that most of the candidates he chooses tend to be more bold in standing on conservative values than the mushy, gooey RINOs, we know that if his candidates get in Congress, we have a better chance of getting things done that will serve all Americans and their best interest.

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