“Freaks”: MSNBC Host Goes on Disgusting Tirade Against MAGA Republicans [WATCH]

Former President Donald Trump recently appeared at CPAC Texas and gave a brilliant speech about the state of America right now, exposing how we’re on the “edge of an abyss” thanks to the disastrously bad policies of Democrats and called for major action to be taken against corrupt bureaucrats, drug dealers, and illegal immigrants.

Predictably, the leftists went absolutely berserk over the speech, with the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” going absolutely crazy, attacking both Trump and his supporters following the speech and declaring that MAGA Republicans are absolutely crazy for supporting candidates that they labeled “freaks”.

Scarborough, for example, called Trump’s speech and the attitude it represents a “sickness,” saying:

This is the sickness we have to deal with, Katty Kay, in America. That when somebody’s political party is not running the White House, suddenly that segment of America says that the United States of America is ‘declining.’ When their party is in the White House, suddenly everything is wonderful.”

Ignored in his claim that America isn’t declining is the economic contraction seen over the past two quarters, the flood tide of illegal aliens coming across the border, and the inflation crisis that’s ravaging the economy.

Continuing, Scarborough went even farther in pushing back on Trump’s speech, ridiculously claiming that “America is great” right now and that Trump tried to launch a “fascist coup.” In Scarborough’s words:

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I think America is great. People hear it all the time. They get tired of me talking about how we still are exceptional … despite the problems in Washington D.C. But Donald Trump continues to feed upon this pathology, and here he goes again talking about America in decline. All because he wasn’t able to pull off his fascist coup.”

He then continued to rant and ramble about how Trump’s famous “American carnage” speech was “made up,” insisting that everything was great under Obama and is great under Biden.

At that point, the similarly berserk Mika Brzezinski jumped in, though she decided to attack Trump’s supporters rather than solely focusing on Trump.

Speaking about MAGA Republicans, she insisted that they’re in a Trump cult, saying they will stay with [Trump] until the cult is going wherever it is going to go.

Continuing, she went on to attack MAGA candidates as “freak” and “lunatics” in an unhinged rant showing her derision for populist Republicans, saying :

What is wrong with you? Because you are choosing to stand with lunatics, freaks, insurrectionists, and people who stand on the side of rapists.”

“We’re not talking about Republican versus Democratic policymakers. We’re talking about facts. And these people won’t face them. There is something wrong with them.”

At that point, Scarborough jumped back in, making a similar point meant to make MAGA Republicans look bad, saying I mean, what’s wrong, what’s wrong is their loyalty runs to a failed reality TV show host in a way that is stronger than their loyalty to the United States of America.”

So that’s what the leftists at “Morning Joe” think of you and the candidates you support, that you’re in a cult and patriotic candidates are “freaks.”

Watch them here:

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