On Tuesday Biden Will Announce “New Measures” To Combat Omicron, Will Issue “Stark Warning” To Unvaxxed

In spite of the FACT that as of Friday evening there have only been 830 cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant confirmed by DNA sequencing across the United States, with no US deaths reported, President Biden will announce on Tuesday more actions the federal government will be taking to combat it.

Biden will reportedly also “issue a stark warning”, again, for those who have rejected the vaccine for personal, religious, and/or medical reasons.

NBC News reported:

President Joe Biden will deliver a speech Tuesday to address the omicron variant and unveil new steps the administration is taking to help communities in need of assistance, a White House official told NBC News on Saturday.

Biden is expected to go beyond his already unveiled “winter plan” with additional measures while “issuing a stark warning of what the winter will look like for Americans that choose to remain unvaccinated,” the official said.

Aides said the Biden administration is “prepared for the rising case levels” and that Biden intends to explain how his team “will respond to this challenge,” the official said.

Biden previously issued a warning to the unvaxxed on Thursday despite a weekly report published by the CDC Covid response team showing a vast majority of the patients infected with the Omicron variant identified in the US so far were fully vaccinated individuals.

They reported that of the 43 COVID-19 cases in the first week of December, caused by the Omicron variants, 34 people were fully vaccinated. Of those fully vaccinated, 14 people had received their booster shots but five of those received their additional shots less than 14 days.

Only 8 people were unvaccinated who got infected with the Omicron variants and 1 person has status unknown.

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Biden read a stark prediction for those rejecting the vaccine; “For unvaccinated, we are looking at winter of severe illness and death – for the unvaccinated. For themselves, their family, and hospitals they will soon overwhelm.”

Biden again exaggerated (lied) by continuing, “But there’s good news: If you are vaccinated and you have your booster shot, you’re protected from severe illness and death. Booster shots work!”

Sorry, Joe, no one is guaranteed to be protected from getting infected with COVID, vaccinated or not.

Either way for failing Biden he needs the public to stay scared as the Democratic party needs universal mail-in ballots, which allow massive fraud, to be installed nationwide by November 2022 in time for the mid-term elections.

A scared population might be able to influence their individual state courts to illegally override the state legislatures again, giving the left what they so desperately desire, control of U.S. Congress at any cost.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show. Follow Eric on his website ETTALKSHOW, and social media platforms, MAGABOOKTwellit & Twitter.  

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