Fun With Guns in New Hunter Biden Video

My goodness Hunter Biden is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t he? I mean, he probably gives daddy Joe migraines and nightmares, but people like me? Well, let’s just say sometimes these articles write themselves.

Hunter’s exploits, at least the ones we know about, are legendary! Sex, drugs, probably some rock and roll, dirty deals, art, books, the man is a fountain of entertainment value!

So what’s next for Hunter Biden? What exploits will be revealed? Let’s find out!

Via Outkick:

Noted crackhead…Hunter Biden is out in a new…video from his massive content catalog and the big news from the latest leak is that Hunter is pointing what is being called an “illegal” .38-caliber gun at the camera.

My goodness, say it ain’t so Joe! Hunter is playing with illegal guns? For God’s sake!

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Meanwhile, the Biden administration is doing everything in its power to vilify legal, safe guns and their law-abiding owners. Feeling that migraine yet Joe?

I understand that Hunter is an “adult”, and as much as I hate to agree with Joe this time, some adults don’t need guns, like Hunter Biden.

Radar Online reported Monday that Hunter bought a .38-caliber gun in Delaware just five days before he recorded his…video on October 17, 2018. Hunter allegedly lied about where he purchased the gun and didn’t fess up on the gun transaction form when asked if he was an “unlawful user” of drugs.

The media outlet says it published the new Biden images as a “look at how easily gun control laws can be violated.” Hunter Biden was discharged from the U.S. Navy Reserve in 2014 due to cocaine use.

It’s true, gun control laws can be violated. Probably, that needs to be fixed. Maybe the administration can spin it? Perhaps Hunter was undercover to prove how easy it is to lie on the application and get a gun? Great work Hunter!

All joking aside, if possible, this absolute clown show of an administration has a problem. His name is Hunter, and it’s clear at this point that numerous entities have ample ammunition to reveal. How will the White House respond? Probably won’t. They tend to either ignore or gloss over Hunter‘s misdeeds. The little scamp.

Thank goodness Hunter’s late brother‘s wife Hallie, who Hunter took as a lover, was there to save the day. You can’t make this stuff up.

Hunter’s .38-caliber wasn’t in his possession for long. 11 days after its purchase, Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden who eventually became Hunter’s lover, took the gun and threw it into a supermarket garbage can near a school.

A garbage can near a school? Why not just put it on the swing set? Maybe on the end of the teeter-totter?

When asked in 2021 about the 2018 incident and Hunter’s gun application answers, the Delaware State Police referred questions to the Delaware Attorney General’s Office. Nobody was ever charged or arrested over the 2018 incident.

And now we’re left with screenshots of Hunter’s 11 days with his firearm before Hailie stepped in to snag it.

Great work there by the Delaware AG. There was about ZERO chance that investigation was going anywhere besides the trash.

So this is where we are folks! The Biden’s lecturing us on guns. If it wasn’t so unsettling it would be more funny.

Stay tuned because I suspect there are more Hunter Biden hijinks waiting in the wings.









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