Gabbard: Democrats' Identity Politics Is Just For 'Selfish, Political Gain'

On Monday, Democratic Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard hammered her own party by explaining how Democrats are using identity politics to divide America in order to push their own political agendas.

"I think that the identity politics that are being used to further divide us, to further drive separations between us, and purely for selfish, political gain is a real danger," Gabbard said during an interview with show host Dave Rubin on "The Rubin Report."


"It undermines that unity that we have that doesn't come with groupthink or saying 'well, hey, we're all exactly the same, we think the same way,'" she continued. "Not at all, it's that unity that we have in recognizing our diversity and our strength in who we are as Americans and the principles and freedoms that make up the bedrock of our country."

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These comments by Gabbard came after she was asked about her thoughts regarding how her Democratic challengers started speaking Spanish during the first round of debates.

"We did a Fourth of July parade, a bunch of them actually, in New Hampshire," Gabbard continued. "It was right after that first set of debates and it made an impact on me — there was a woman who was sitting with her family and friends at the end of one of the parades."

"We stopped and we said hi and she was from Central America and she made it a point to pull me aside and she put her hands on my arms, she was very serious and she said 'whatever you do in a future debate, don't speak Spanish,'" Gabbard added. "She found that to be so patronizing and blatantly so."



During the second round of Democratic debates hosted by CNN, Gabbard went viral after she hammered Senator Kamala Harris over her questionable record as a prosecutor. The attack by Gabbard caused Harris to plummet in the polls. The DNC later told Gabbard that she wasn't welcome at the next debate.

"The Democratic National Committee has the responsibility to facilitate more conversations between the future leaders of the country, not less," Gabbard's campaign slammed in a statement. "Notably, there have been only four qualifying polls released after the second Democratic primary debate compared with the fourteen qualifying polls released in the months after the first Democratic primary debate."

Gabbard commented on her concerns now that she will not be present at the next debate.

"I don't know, I honestly don't know," Gabbard responded when questioned if she would be allowed to attend the next debate. "We'll see because it's not about are we going to be able to get to where we need to in the polls — there are 27 polls that are out, credible polls that show that I've met the standard set by the DNC, but they've just chosen not to recognize most of them."

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