Gallup Poll Shows Approval Boost For Everyone Except The News Media

The American people are clearly happy with how everyone has handled the coronavirus in the United States… except for one group of people. The main stream media.

According to a Gallup poll released on Wednesday, the American people strongly approve of almost all institutions on how they have handled the coronavirus crisis. That is except for the main stream media who ranked in last place.

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Check out the breakdown of approve/disapprove:

  • U.S. Hospitals: 88 percent vs. 10 percent.
  • Your child’s school or daycare: 83 percent vs. 9 percent
  • Your state government: 82 percent vs. 17 percent
  • Your employer: 82 percent vs. 14 percent
  • Government health agencies such as the CDC or NIH: 80 percent vs. 17 percent
  • Vice President Mike Pence: 61 percent vs. 32 percent
  • President Donald Trump: 60 percent vs. 38 percent
  • Congress: 59 percent vs. 37 percent

At the very bottom of the list was the main stream media who got only 44% approval to 55% disapproval.

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Check out what Breitbart reported:

Every single institution responding to the Chinese virus, even congress, is above water by more than 20 points. Trump is above water by 22 points. And the media are underwater by nine.

Every single institution responding to the Chinese virus is way above 50 percent in public approval, except for the news media, which sit at a paltry 44 percent.

The media are not only in last place, the media rank behind Congress by 15 — 15! — points.

This poll was taken between March 13 and 22 of 536 employed adults and 262 parents of children under the age of 18.

Unfortunately for the media, it gets worse. Polls suggest that even Democrats are beginning to not approve of the media.

Breitbart continues:

In worse news for the media, only 61 percent of Democrats approve of the media’s job, which means 39 percent of Democrats see right through them, right through their legion of coronavirus lies and their relentlessly appalling attempts to continue to try and score political points against Trump, even during an unprecedented medical and financial crisis.

Only 25 percent of Republicans approve of the job the media’s doing, which is lower than the 29 percent of Democrats who approve of the job Trump’s doing.

What Trump has done to the media over the last two weeks has been absolutely brilliant.

By broadcasting his briefings live and agreeing to take pretty much every question asked of him, the public is at long last seeing the media unfiltered. And the contrast between the smallness and meanness and pettiness of the partisan media, and a president who is obviously an in-charge and dynamic leader closing the borders six weeks before anyone else, mobilizing the private sector, and working with Democrats who are willing to work with him… This contrast with our hideous media is stark and undeniable, even if you personally despise Trump.

By far, Trump’s wisest move came on Sunday when he moved these briefings to primetime.

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