Gas Price Craziness: California Gas Station Nears Double Digit Price for Gasoline

Californians keep getting kicked and bashed by their woke, green agenda, with gas prices in one part of the state so hit by both California taxes and the price increases seen around the nation that the cost of a gallon of gas is nearing the $10 mark,

News on that came from a tweet showing the cost of each type of gas at a California station, with Patrick De Haan, the self-described “foremost expert on oil and gasoline prices” captioning it by saying:

$9.45/gal!! Thanks to Matthew for this pic of the Chevron in Mendocino, CA- the most expensive station in the country and the highest price we’ve recorded. It’s over $3/gal higher than the California average and is a definite outlier. #gasprices

And De Haan, who posted the tweet, is no gleeful cheerer of the disaster wrought by leftist green policies, particularly those regarding oil.

For example, he responded to a tweet of Rep. Jim Jordan’s about the gas price crisis by saying “US oil production continues to rise, but for many reasons it can’t surge overnight. You’d be able to know that if you spent more time understanding the issues before you tweet about them

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In any case, De Haan’s point about the shockingly high price of gas in some parts of California was outdone by ABC 30, which found and reported on the most expensive gas in the nation, which is in Mendicino, CA.

There the price for premium gas is just a few cents away from the $10 mark. Reporting on the gas prices in Mendicino, ABC 30 said:

Schlafer’s Auto Repair is selling regular gas for $9.60 for a gallon.

But that’s not the worst part, if your car requires plus then you’ll have to shell out $9.69 and if you need supreme, well, get ready to pay $9.91 for just a gallon of gas.
According to GasBuddy, it’s the most expensive gas in the country.

Gas taxes in California, already shockingly high compared to other states, are set to increase even more on July 1st of this year, something that could push that Mendicino gas above the $10 price point if current issues remain present through the end of June.

The current California gas tax is already the highest in America at 51 cents per gallon, but, come July 1st, will rise to 53.9 cents per gallon.

It’s not just taxation and that makes California gas so expensive, though the high taxes don’t help. Another problem is geography, as KTLA noted quoting Patrick De Haan and saying:

“The West Coast is kind of a ‘Petro Island,’” explained Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. The Rocky Mountains cut off the West from the rest of the country, making it a tight and more secluded market.

Then there’s the green policies of the state which increase prices in more ways than just the 19 cent per gallon carbon offset tax, as KTLA also noted, saying:

California also has a Cap-and-Trade Program, that requires big greenhouse gas emitters – like oil and gas refineries – to offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits. “That’s obviously passed along to the end user, in this case, motorists,” said De Haan.

California’s Air Resources Board also requires gas stations in the state to only sell specific blends of gasoline formulated to minimize pollution. That blend is more expensive to produce, adding another cost that gets passed down to drivers.

Hence the nearly $10 a gallon gas; geography, greens, and taxes are all the perfect storm for making driving financially ruinous for California residents.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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