Genderbread Man? Woke Cali Schools Out of Control!

The left can ruin anything, can’t they?

Not just content with ruining Hollywood, the music industry, television, and the economy, the left is also setting their sights on children.

Gotta catch them young if you want to screw them up so they become Democrats!

What better place to do that than California? Again, another thing liberals have ruined. How do you take a state as naturally beautiful as California and ruin it? The climate, the mountains, the desert, the beach, California has something for everyone!

Apparently, something for groomers as well!

Recently, it was discovered that one California school district has found a rather unique way to indoctrinate kids into radical gender ideology. Let’s check Outkick for the details:

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The desire to teach more radical gender ideology to children is apparently intensifying.

Now, a school district in Southern California is using a curriculum that includes a “Genderbread Identity” man to teach sex education, according to a new report from Fox News.

Well great, now Democrats have ruined gingerbread! What are we going to dunk in milk Christmas morning now? I guess gingerbread houses are out as well!

I’m not against sex education in school, at the appropriate age. However, pre-teen aged students have no need to learn about reproduction, sexuality, or gender identity. Can we please just teach the basics, so our kids have a solid foundation before we start confusing their little, empty heads? Nah, it’s California!

According to the report, one section includes a video on “what it’s like to be trans in high school,” and “The heart of the ‘Genderbread’ man represented the various sexual orientations – pansexuality, homosexuality, asexuality and heterosexuality. The rainbow brain of ‘Genderbread’ represented a person’s gender identity.”

I’m afraid the genderbread man doesn’t have a brain. Gender identity is a made up, leftist theory designed to confuse children into embracing their radical ideology.

There’s no way the fox is going to want to eat this gingerbread man. Obviously, he/she needs more time in the pan.

The “heart” of the genderbread man should represent ACCEPTANCE of the various sexual orientations. Kids will figure that out on their own as they grow and mature. They don’t need pervy adults with ulterior motives filling their heads with lies.

One other parent discovered that the program recommends children discuss sex with a “trusted adult,” even if that the “trusted adult” is not a parent.

The fact that school administrators feel that this is “appropriate” for their students is horrifying and utterly disqualifying.

This same exact training was referred to as “unscientific nonsense” when it was unveiled for adults in the United Kingdom. But somehow, it’s being deployed for 11-year olds in California schools.

Folks, there’s no other way to put it. The left likes to scoff and accuse the right of being homophobes and bigots when the word “grooming” is tossed about, but suggesting kids talk about sex with “trusted adults” even if it isn’t a parent, is simply grooming. The worst part is, it is being put on full display in our public schools.

This type of curriculum is gross, inappropriate and disturbing. It is up to us as parents to watch what our kids are being taught, to be involved at the school level, and to speak up if we don’t like what is going on.

Failing that, move out of California and find a red state? Whatever it takes to protect our kids from this nonsense, it’s up to us. Eventually, we’ll catch the genderbread man and save our kids.

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