Get Woke, Go Broke: Netflix Share Price Tanks As It Releases Woke Content

Netflix used to be a service that you could log into and watch your favorite shows or movies for as long as you wanted to without needing to sit through tiresome commercials or ads.

While that aspect of it still exist, though many of the best shows that used to be on it have departed for other streaming services, Netflix is now known for something different: creating woke TV.

There was “Cuties,” which sexualized children in a disgusting manner. There was Narcos, once a great show, that was turned into a girl boss show in the latest season (because the one thing that comes to mind when you think of drug cartels is the intrepid attitude of female reporters). There are the innumerable historical shows they insert non-white characters into simply to push diversity, with no regard given to historical accuracy.

Now, there’s “Don’t Look Up,” which was created to mock those that don’t think Covid or “climate change” is worth panicking about. As Forbes described the show:

I am not going to call the strong climate change message of Don’t Look Up “political,” as that’s about as accurate as saying the movie’s asteroid is “political,” but that’s kind of the main point. In the story, scientists Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence grow increasingly frustrated as the government, the media and the public ignore their warnings that a giant comet is definitely going to hit earth, right up until the moment that…it hits earth. I mean, spoilers, I guess, but that’s kind of the point. Mass idiocy leads to disastrous inevitability, and mass death.

That might be popular with the triple-vaxxed, triple-masked crowd, it only got a 55 on Rotten Tomatoes.Point being, some people might have liked it, but not everyone.

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While that’s just one movie, Netflix’s general drift toward the left has infuriated lots of conservatives, many of whom are now quitting it in droves.

Both that conservative cutting of the Netflix cable and other issues meant that Netflix saw weak subscriber growth in the last quarter. Very weak.

And what did that lead to? A massive stock sell-off. In fact, Netflix’s stock plummeted by a massive 20%, the amount needed for a market to be considered a bear market, on news of the slowed subscriber growth.

This isn’t the first time wokeness has had seriously deleterious business consequences for Netflix. As Trending Politics reported six months ago:

The programming agenda that Netflix is currently running, whose ideology is out as openly left-wing, has ended up scaring away around 430,000 subscribers of its streaming platform in the second quarter of 2021, between the United States and Canada alone.

An exodus of subscribers that, among other factors, has increased in part due to its ideological content, which seems to be taking up more and more space everywhere we look. An example of this would be the participation of former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle in the development of productions for this company.

Americans don’t want wokeness. They want entertaining shows. Until Netflix learns that and learns it well, it’ll keep seeing subscribers quit and its stock tank.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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