Democrats are terrified of Ron DeSantis, whose national profile has been elevated by his performance as the nation’s best governor.

The Florida Republican has become the national model for the successful management of the COVID crisis without destroying his state’s economy and respecting civil liberties at the same time.

This of course has earned him the contempt of his unscrupulous opponents and their allies in the media whose specialty is the smear campaign. Now, the activist left is buzzing over a newly launched hit piece published by Politico.

The basis of Politico’s report is that a number of whiny former staffers have gone on record that the governor and his wife were “mean” to them. Yes, really.

They went on to say that they were so traumatized, they formed a support group to meet regularly to gripe about their hurt feelings.

According to the Politico story: “We talked to a dozen or so onetime aides and consultants to the Florida governor, and they all said the same thing: DeSantis treats staff like expendable widgets. He largely relies on a brain trust of two: himself and his wife, Casey DeSantis, a former local TV journalist.” 

Politico has crunched the numbers; “In three of his five full years in Congress, he ranked in at least the 70th percentile in terms of highest turnover in a House office, according to data compiled by Legistorm.” and that “he has only two staffers who started with him when he was a junior member of Congress.”

Disregarding the fact that being a staffer of any politician is a demanding job and that there typically is a high rate of turnover and burnout, the report goes on to detail a litany of perceived woes by the former staffers.

Politico lays out the charges: “Within six months of taking office as governor in 2019, DeSantis fired five staffers,” and “DeSantis often blames his staff for his own blunders,” and “aides would lure DeSantis to staff meetings with cupcakes, saying that it was a colleague’s birthday to get him to attend.”

The story doesn’t provide the names of any of the complainers who wail like babies over how their boss wasn’t sufficiently deferential to them.

“Loyalty and trust, that is not a currency he deals in,” moaned one “It’s him and Casey. But everyone else is like a disposable piece of garbage.”

Politico notes that “DeSantis’ office didn’t respond directly to these specifics, but called the line of questioning a false narrative,” and cites a memo quoting the governor’s former chief of staff Shane Strum; “Throughout my time as Chief of Staff, the Governor empowered me to make sure that everyone who worked for him had the best interests of the state at heart,” he wrote.

“We didn’t tolerate leakers, and we didn’t tolerate grifters. Fortunately, aside from some individuals we had to part with early in the administration, the Governor has had a strong and loyal team, who he appreciates.” Strum added.

In addition to his handling of COVID which is the gold standard, DeSantis has spearheaded a series of new laws that protect Floridians from violent leftist rioters, prevents the defunding of local police departments, bans the cancerous critical race theory, and most recently, an election integrity law that has Democrats howling in despair.

It’s a sign of pure desperation when Politico has to rely on a gaggle of disgruntled former staffers griping about their ex-boss to build the left’s case against him.