Gingrich Implores GOP To Rebrand Dems as ‘Big Govt. Socialists’ Ahead of 2022 Midterms

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich implored Republicans in a column this week to take political advantage of the Democrat Party’s leftward lurch and rebrand them as “Big Government Socialists,” adding that the GOP may never get a better opportunity to do so.

“Every Democratic senator and representative has already voted for the outline of Senator Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 trillion Big Government Socialist bill. No matter what lies they tell back home about being moderates, their names are right there on pages S6237 (Aug. 10) and H4371 (Aug. 24) of the Congressional Record,” Gingrich wrote in an essay.

“When it mattered there were no moderate Democrats. The only Democrats serving in Congress were unanimously willing to vote for Big Government Socialism,” the Georgia Republican wrote.

Prophesizing that the party’s shift to the left will alienate them from moderate Democrats back in their districts, Gingrich said it signifies “a clear betrayal of their values.”

He went on to suggested that “millions of grassroots Democrats will find themselves having to organize a moderate wing of the Democratic Party (something Bill Clinton tried to do as governor of Arkansas in the 1980s).”

“In a number of upcoming primary elections, there may be moderate Democratic candidates prepared to run against the Big Government Socialist incumbents using the $3.5 trillion bill vote as proof the incumbents need to be replaced,” Gingrich continued.

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“The polling is clear and devastating for the Big Government Socialist Democrats. Americans in general favor Free Market Capitalism over Big Government Socialism by a huge margin (59 percent to 16 percent). Among swing voters, there is an almost 5:1 advantage for Free Market Capitalism over Big Government Socialism (82 percent to 18 percent),” he wrote.

Currently, every Democratic senator is on board with the massive spending bill which reportedly includes a provision as well to provide a pathway to citizenship for up to 8 million illegal immigrants with the exception of Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. He has said this week he cannot support a spending level that high.

“If everyone who is opposed to the $3.5 trillion bill uses the term Big Government Socialists, within a few weeks the 50 Senate Democrats and 220 House Democrats who have already voted for the bill will be permanently defined as members of a repudiated value system,” Gingrich, who masterminded the 1994 “Contract With America” that led to GOP sweeps of Congress, putting Republicans in control of the House for the first time in 40 years, said.

“When the detailed version of the $3.5 trillion Sanders bill makes clear its wide range of tax increases and enormous expansion of government into our personal lives, Democrats will have two choices,” he said.

They could save their reputations and vote “no” or double down and vote “yes” and hope that “the wave of Pelosi-Schumer-Biden money will overcome the immense voter hostility to Big Government Socialism.”

The former Speaker then wrote that Republicans will need to maintain discipline and universally oppose the legislation as well.

“Finally, can Republican Party officials, activists, and candidates focus on communicating that Democrats have become Big Government Socialists – and that the old moderate Democratic Party has been replaced by a new radical party?” Gingrich wrote.

“These votes in favor of Big Government Socialism have given Republicans the opportunity of a lifetime to brand the Democratic Party so it becomes a minority for a generation or more,” he said.

Syndicated with permission from USA Features News.

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