Gingrich Predicts Trump’s Win in November Will Be ‘Dramatically Bigger’ Than Expected

Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has a bold prediction for November’s crucial election.

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During an interview on Fox News, Gingrich said the chances of President Donald Trump winning re-election are looking “extremely good” and that he may win “dramatically bigger” than people think.

“I’m predicting that it will be a dramatically bigger victory than people currently expect,” Gingrich told host Jesse Waters on Saturday night.

A Trump victory is “beginning to build,” Gingrich added.

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Gingrich encouraged Republicans to point out their differences from Democrats in order to bolster Trump’s chances.

“We don’t have to want to make stuff up. We don’t have to invent some post office phony scandal. We just have to tell the truth about how radical these people are,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich also said the growing violence and chaos in Democratic-controlled cities like Chicago, Seattle, and Portland will hurt Democrats and help Trump.

“Rioting every day for 90 days, that begins to be a fact. And it was very interesting to me that neither Biden nor Harris was willing to say a word about Antifa, [not] a word about a level of crime,” he said.

“You know, [we] have the mayor of Chicago announcing that she’s going to have police on her own personal street because she wants her family to be safe. But good luck to the rest of the city,” Gingrich added. “Well, I think this stuff sinks in at a level of reality that even NBC News can’t cover-up.”

Gingrich also blasted the Democratic presidential ticket and their chances of winning.

He called vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris “the most radical member of the Senate based on voting, which means she’s to the left of [Bernie] Sanders and the left of Elizabeth Warren. I mean, you know how hard that is,” Gingrich said. “Second, she’s a terrible performer.”

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“I say to myself, when people get to know them better, just as happened with George McGovern in 1972, they’re going to say, ‘You know, … I don’t think so. I just I can’t vote for you.'”

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