Glenn Beck Rages Against Dems: I Would ‘Rather Die Than Kill The Country’ By Shutting Down For Months

The Blaze founder Glenn Beck raged on Tuesday when discussing Democrats pushing for the American economy to be shut down for months to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

During a segment on his radio show, Beck said he wanted to have “frank conversation” and candidly acknowledged that getting millions of Americans back in the workforce could end up killing millions of Americans, but he said we can't afford to allow the economy to remain shut down much longer.


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“I mean, I’m in the danger zone. I’m right at the edge, I’m 56,” he said. “In Italy they’re saying if you’re sick and you’re 60, don’t even come in. So I’m in the danger zone.” 

“I would rather have my children stay home and all of us who are over 50 go in and keep this economy going and working,” Beck added. “Even if we all get sick, I would rather die than kill the country. Because it’s not the economy that’s dying, it’s the country.” 


Beck's comments are eerily similar to those of former White House adviser Cliff Sims, who penned an op-ed for Breitbart arguing that it was time to get Americans back to work.

Sims wrote:

President Donald Trump’s economic policies ushered in an economic boom the likes of which we had not seen in decades, if ever. Now, faced with a pandemic that has ground the world’s economy to a halt, the President faces the unenviable task of trying to head off an immediate public health crisis without inducing a long-term economic crisis that could be even more devastating to the well-being of the American people. 

So while it is important that the President continue receiving advice from medical experts, as he has been with Dr. Anthony Fauci and others, his recent comments make it clear that he is also smartly taking into account the human impact of the economic decisions he is facing.

Sims went on to note that Andy Slavitt, one of the architects of Obamacare, recently predicted all of the nation's hospitals would be overrun by March 23. 

Obviously that turned out to not even be remotely accurate.

New modeling from Oxford University’s Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease group, on the other hand, implies “that fewer than one in a thousand of those infected with Covid-19 become ill enough to need hospital treatment.” Nearly all deaths from the virus are happening to people with multiple morbidity factors. 

Rather than shutting down the economy for months on end, these points suggest the government should focus on protecting the most vulnerable among us while empowering most Americans to get back to work, preserve millions of jobs, and jumpstart the economy

Sim's closed out his piece by noting that the government is about to inject trillions into an economy that has been on pause for a couple of weeks — but no government bailout could ever be enough. 

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"Only the reopening of the American free-market–the greatest economic engine the world has ever known–will ensure that we rise from the ashes," Sims wrote.


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