GOP Rep Takes Action Against ABC News For Killing Jeffrey Epstein Story

Alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein supposedly committed suicide on Aug. 10, but there are still countless unanswered questions surrounding his mysterious death.

Earlier this month, Project Veritas released a video of an ABC News anchor caught on a hot mic in 2016 complaining that she had "everything she needed" to break a bombshell story about Epstein, the alleged child sex ring that he operated, and some of the big names who were involved. 


But ABC News killed the bombshell story three years ago on Epstein that involved former Democratic President Bill Clinton -- and now one Republican lawmaker is demanding that network executives testify before Congress about why they didn't run the story.

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In a letter obtained by former NBC host Megyn Kelly -- who has been reporting heavily on this story -- House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy asked ABC News President James Goldston the following questions:

1. Will ABC News provide Congress the interview Ms. Robach conducted with the victim?

  2. 2. What did ABC News learn about Jeffrey Epstein after Ms. Robach first presented her story to executives?
  4. 3. Who was involved in deciding this story was not of public interest, and what were their reasons for deciding so?
  6. 4. Can Ms. Robach expand on the “outside forces” she mentioned as potentially responsible for the story not running?
  8. 5. Was ABC News ever presented with additional evidence on Mr. Epstein from the time Ms. Robach first brought her investigation to the network and when he was ultimately arrested?
  10. 6. Were authorities alerted at any time after Ms. Robach presented ABC News executives with her reporting? If so, when and what was provided?

“What appears to have been presented to Ms. Robach is first-hand evidence of human trafficking,” McCarthy wrote. “I am deeply concerned that this victim, in search of justice, went to ABC News, provided information and an interview, and then ABC News chose to bury the truth. This was a decision that Ms. Robach alluded was due to protecting  powerful people or financial interests.”

“Although it is unclear whether anyone thought to alert authorities to further examine these deeply disturbing allegations, it is clear that ABC News’ enabling of Mr. Epstein has consequences: fewer victims willing to come forward to bring perpetrators of this modern-day slavery to justice and, more grievously, the possibility that any number of minors could have been sparred from human trafficking over the past three years,” McCarthy continued.

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McCarthy concluded, “It is imperative that the public be assured newsroom decisions regarding exposing human trafficking are not tampered by financial interests or outside forces.”

Time will tell what happens in the case, but the Clinton family could find themselves in hot water given their disturbing connection to Epstein, which may explain why ABC News killed the story in 2016 because Hillary Clinton was running for president.