GOP Rep: The TSA is Allowing Illegals to Board Flights without Proper Identification

Slow Joe isn’t just letting illegals flood across the border like a biblical plague of locusts o’er the land. Now he’s also letting them jet around the country, without proper identification, of course.

That’s right. In the name of not being racist, Team Brandon is allowing masses of invaders to board commercial flights around the country, hopping on flights without an ID whenever they please.

While that’s horrific and certainly undercuts US immigration policy, it’s finally being brought to light thanks to the tireless efforts of Rep. Lance Gooden of Texas, who is investigating the TSA because, according to the Daily Caller, he saw “whistleblower documents alleging an operation to move migrants across the country without standard documentation.”

The correspondence of that investigation was reported on by PJ Media, which, in a recent article, provides that:

Gooden, along with Reps. David McKinley (R-W.Va.) and Mary Miller (R-Ill.), wrote to TSA Administrator David Pekoske: “We request clarification on the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) policies and procedures to protect the nation’s transportation systems and mitigate national security risks. I have serious concerns TSA is actively assisting illegal immigrants without proper identification travel throughout the country. Therefore, we are requesting TSA provide assistance in identifying and preventing the unprecedented flow of illegal immigrants into and throughout the United States and the role TSA has played in facilitating this influx of migrants.”

Gooden followed up that initial request by asking:

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What policies and procedures are in place to identify and screen Non-US/Canadian citizens who do not have documents issued by the U.S. government or passports?

Unfortunately, the TSA has shown no indication that it will assist “identifying and preventing the unprecedented flow of illegal immigrants” into and around the nation; rather, it appears that the TSA is helping those illegal immigrants!

In any case, the TSA rejected Gooden’s initial premise, arguing that:

“in coordination with its DHS counterparts, TSA has also identified alternate forms of ID for use in special circumstances at the checkpoint, circumstances such as non-U.S. citizens or non-nationals who do not have an acceptable form of ID. For travelers in normal circumstances who lack acceptable or alternate forms of ID, TSA calls the National Transportation Vetting Center (NTVC), which attempts to verify a traveler’s identity by using the individual’s information along with information from various government and commercial databases.”

But what’s left unsaid is what happens if the traveler’s identity can’t be verified, or if it is verified and the individual turns out to be an illegal immigrant. Nothing in the TSA’s response, nor in Team Brandon’s messaging, indicates that any action would be taken, much less an arrest and deportation.

Furthermore, Gooden argued that, even outside of such situations, the system created by the TSA isn’t adequate, at least according to people on the ground:

“When I asked a border patrol officer about TSA allowing migrants to fly with no identification, they told me a Notice to Appear is not sufficient identification and they often have to take migrants at their word that they are who they say they are. TSA and non-profit groups are putting millions of Americans travelling for Christmas at risk by allowing these unknown and unvetted migrants to board planes and fly across the country.”

From what he says, his arguments make sense. Why not just rely on normal forms of ID to help keep Americans safe?

Well, the answer is that Team Brandon doesn’t want to be “racist,” so we’re all stuck with the TSA letting illegal immigrants jet around the country as they please.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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