GOP Senate Candidates In New Hampshire Rip Maggie Hassan To Shreds Over Inflation

Republican Senate candidates in the state of New Hampshire are taking turns smashing Democratic opponent Sen. Maggie Hassan for ignoring the horrific effects of bad economic policies and the soaring rate of inflation on regular Americans.

According to The Daily Wire, the GOP primary in the state still does not yet have a clear frontrunner, however, all of them do happen to have one thing in common. They all think the economy, particularly the issue of inflation, is the top subject for the election.

Don Bolduc, a retired Army general, stated that he himself has witnessed the effects inflation is having on families in a real, tangible way, while he’s been on the campaign trail.

“It is inflation,” Bolduc said during a chat with The Daily Wire last month when the Republican candidate was asked about the top issue on the minds of New Hampshire voters this fall.

“People can’t afford a new car and can’t afford the gas. They can’t afford their groceries. They’re trading all of this, all of these decisions and putting that money towards keeping their vehicle going in order to be able to support their family and get to their jobs,” Bolduc continued.

“The question that many of them have is, how high is this going to go, how much are they going to hurt us?” Bolduc added. “President Biden’s policies on energy, his bad policies on energy, has driven this, and Senator Hassan has supported this 100%. “

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The GOP candidate then stated that Hassan isn’t paying attention to this important issue, instead focusing on ones to “take the light off of all the really bad things she’s done to Granite Staters and Americans.”

“We’re in a terrible spot,” he said in summary.

Bolduc is probably the most well-known of the GOP candidates in the field as he ran for Senate back in 2020.

“Vikram Mansharamani, a finance expert and political outsider, said the ‘three key issues’ on the minds of everyone in New Hampshire are inflation, inflation, and inflation,” the report said.

“So, I think it’s very simple. To go back to the old political line, it’s the economy, stupid,” Mansharamani stated while talking with The Daily Wire.

“That’s the pain people are feeling every day when they go to the gas stations or to the grocery store,” he stated, speaking on the issue of the economy.

Mansharamani then went on to say, “it’s not just inflation in the sense of, oh, all my bills are higher. It is targeted in very specific ways to energy, electricity, and food. … This is effectively a regressive tax. This is a tax on the poor and working class, as well as those who are on fixed incomes.”

Bruce Fenton, who has managed to make a staggering fortune from Bitcoin, happens to lean more to the libertarian side of the spectrum, said, “The economic situation that we’re in is part of the symptom of the overall brokenness of the American economy.”

“We need to follow the Constitution. We need to go back to the basic principles of liberty and freedom, or we’re going to lose our entire country as we know it,” Fenton remarked.

“Kevin Smith, former director of a conservative advocacy group and town manager of Londonderry, New Hampshire, agreed with some of his rivals that the economic issues are the top concern,” the report from the Daily Wire said.

“It’s everything from the prices at the gas pump, home heating oil, which is a big deal in New Hampshire,” Smith commented. “We’re very much a small business state, and so everyone’s feeling the pinch right now.”

“She’s got her commercials running about how she’s taking on big oil and Big Pharma. But really, there’s been nothing with regard to home heating oil assistance,” Smith stated, taking a dig at Hassan. “She really hasn’t said a word about it.”

As you can see, while there might be some smaller disagreements on issues or solutions to the problems facing our country right now, the one thing you can say for sure here about these candidates is that they despise Hassan and everything she stands for.

And that means if the folks of New Hampshire choose wisely, they will more than likely be in much better hands by voting for any of them.

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