GOP Senator Cowers To The Left; Apologizes To Black Constituents For Challenging Electoral Votes

If GOP voters wonder why there hasn’t been any pushback against demonstrably false claims from the left and Democrats that the Jan. 6 riot was really an “insurrection,” Sen. James Lankford provides us the answer.

Cowardice. Pure and simple. Just plain cowardice.

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Oh, and pandering.

The Daily Caller reported:

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Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford apologized to his black constituents for challenging President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, saying that he failed to recognize that his actions casted “doubt on the validity of votes” in majority black cities like Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia.

Lankford, who originally joined a group of senators led by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz that said they would object to Biden’s victory unless Congress launched a commission to audit the results, ultimately withdrew his objection after being trapped in the Capitol during the riot on Jan. 6.

“My action of asking for more election information caused a firestorm of suspicion among many of my friends, particularly in Black communities around the state,” Lankford wrote, Tulsa World first reported.

“I can assure you, my intent to give a voice to Oklahomans who had questions was never also an intent to diminish the voice of any Black American,” he added. “I should have recognized how what I said and what I did could be interpreted by many of you. I deeply regret my blindness to that perception, and for that I’m sorry.”

How nauseating. But it’s indicative, isn’t it, of the Beltway Cowardice so many Republicans have shown, for decades – until they were given directions to their spine by President Trump.

So, to Lankford’s thinking, only black voters deserve an apology, is that what we’re hearing? 

What about the legions of Trump voters, many in his own state, who were appalled that unconstitutional acts of changing voting rules ahead of the Nov. 3 election that likely disenfranchised them – regardless of their skin color?

Where is their apology?

Standing up to legally and constitutionally oppose electors from those states was the very least that Lankford (and a helluva lot more Republicans) could have, and should have, done. 

But no. They’ve bought into the ‘insurrection’ lie; the ‘Trump incited sedition’ BS. Like they always do, Republicans like Lankford allow the left to define the issue by accepting the premise of their claims, no matter how false or outrageous.

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There are apologies owed here, that’s for certain: To every Trump voter who also cast ballots for pandering GOP cowards like Lankford who refuse to stand against an election result they know was ill-gotten.

Guess we can also forget about Lankford resisting Biden’s left-wing agenda too, huh? Wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, would he?

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