GOP Senator Encourages FBI “Whistleblowers” to Come Forward in the Wake of Mar-a-Lago Raid

In the wake of the shocking, obviously politically motivated FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, Senator Ron Johnson is attempting to push back against the politicized law enforcement agency’s weaponization by encouraging whistleblower’s within it to come forward.

He did so in the form of a letter addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray but obviously meant for those footsoldiers of the agency that are uncomfortable with having to act like Stasi agents in windbreakers, saying:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago is deeply concerning. It occurred almost two weeks after I sent a letter to both of you highlighting recent whistleblower allegations which raise serious questions regarding the integrity of the FBI and your agencies’ ability to do its job without political bias.

The FBI’s unprecedented actions against former President Trump, without any stated justification, only add to the mounting evidence of corruption within our federal law enforcement agencies and is yet another example of a multi-tiered system of justice and federal agencies being weaponized against the left’s political opponents.

I understand other members of Congress have requested that you provide a full explanation for the raid at the former president’s residence. I request that information immediately. However, given your history of lack of transparency and obstruction of my investigations, I am not confident that your explanation for the raid will be forthright, honest, or ease anyone’s concerns.

It was then that Johnson got to his main point, which was the plea for average FBI agents to get involved in calling out what was happening within the American Stasi, saying:

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Instead, I want to reiterate my message to the brave men and women who work at the FBI and the Department of Justice who are frustrated and concerned with the direction your agencies are taking:

If you have witnessed wronging at your agency, please come forward and share your concerns with my office. You have a right to talk to Congress.

By exposing the truth, Congress can hold accountable those who continue to abuse our
system of justice.

And Senator Johnson wasn’t the only Republican to come out and call out the FBI in a public way.

Paul Manafort, the chairman of Trump’s 2016 campaign who was so viciously attacked by the FBI and the leftist apparatchiks within it over the Russia Hoax allegations, spoke out as well during a recent interview with Just the News Not Noise, saying:

I definitely think that it’s (the FBI) been weaponized for a long time. Through my experience, which I talked about in the book — that the way they focused on me in what they claim was my guilt. The FARA violation that I was indicted on — I had resolved with the Department of Justice without any penalties, without any criminality, without even a civil slap, because it was an opaque area of the law. I didn’t think I needed to file.”

The system was a two tiered system of justice. The very same issues they were coming after me on — they were looking the other way for Democrats.”

We’ll see if anyone actually handles the FBI and brings it back under control. Such seems unlikely considering how woke the agency and its agents have gotten and how little spine GOP legislators tend to have.

But at least a plucky few are calling out the problem.

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